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What will you do tonight?

Hi. Hello. Now I am at my college university football campus, and tonight there will be a football game. My college will play North Dakota, but I won't be here tonight, because tonight I will be flying to Japan. But there will be a lot of students at the game, and I hope my team will win. I hope the Aggies will win tonight, and I hope the fans will cheer them on and they will have a good time.

Sadly, I will be flying at that time, but I will find out the score of the game tomorrow. So, I'm really excited to find out about that and go Aggies. 

Future Tense

We use the modal will to refer to the future.

(Q) What will you do next year?
(A) I will quit my job.
(N) I won’t work here anymore.

(Q) Where will you be next year?
(A) I will be in Europe.
(N) I won’t be in Asia.

(Q) Who will you go with?
(A) I will go alone.
(N) I won’t go with anyone.

(Q) When will you leave?
(A) I will leave in September.
(N) I won’t leave until the 22nd.

(Q) How will you get there?
(A) I will fly of course.
(N) I won’t take the train.

(Q) Will you have a phone?
(A) Yes, I will have a phone.
(N) No, I won’t unfortunately.

Short Answers

Yes, I will.
No, I won’t

be sure / think / hope

I am sure I will miss home.
I think I will have a good time.
I hope I will make new friends.

will not = won’t

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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