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What did you do today?
Hey guys, so I'm going to talk a little bit about my day. Today was a busy day, so I woke up, and first thing I checked my emails. I replied to a few emails, some people had written to me the night before. After that I walked to a local café, and I ordered breakfast. It was so good. I really, really enjoyed my breakfast at this local café. Then after that I went back to my apartment, I cleaned up my apartment, and I showered, and I shaved, and I just got ready for the day. 

Then I sauntered out of my apartment, and I walked down the street, and I rode the bus to the nearest little station area. I checked out the morning scene, and that was kind of fun. I shopped a bit. I bought a few things that I really needed, not to much. Then I returned back to my apartment, and dropped them off. Then after that I called my mom, and we chatted for a while. We didn't talk to long, but we got caught up with what's going on with my family, and all of that. 

Then after that I left, and I came here. I'm at my office space now where I'm working right now, and I worked for a few hours. I planned some lessons. I read some books, and yeah that's it. It's been a productive day. 

Grammar Focus

Past tense verbs usually end with an -ed ending but only for affirmative sentences. For questions and negative statements we use did to express the past. See below.

(Q) Where did you work?
(A) I worked in an office.
(N) I did not work in the city.

There are three ways to pronounce the -ed ending.

-ed = /t/ Verbs ending with non voiced sound such as the following: -sh, -ch, -p, -k, -s, -t.

I washed the dishes
I walked to work.
I worked at my desk.
I talked to my friend

-ed = /d/ Verbs ending with voiced sound such as the following: -n, -y, -v, -m.

I cleaned the room.
I enjoyed the movie.
I mowed the lawn.

-ed = /id/ Verbs ending with -d or -t.

I wanted to go.
I decided to stay.
I needed to sleep.


I did not work.
I didn’t sleep much.

(did not = didn’t)

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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