Adjectives - One Minute Grammar

Pernais / Jamaicaflaf Doron / Englandflaf

Are you happy where you live?
Doron: Hi there. I'm Doron from England. 

Pernais: And I'm Prenais from Jamaica.

Doron: Pernais, are you happy where you live right now? 

Pernais: Yes, I am. My apartment building is a little bit old. But the rent is very cheap and that's the part that I really like. How about you? 

Doron: I'm torn, I'm really torn. My apartment's in a great location, easy to get to work, good restaurants and things. But it's really noisy, so I don't sleep well. And my roof is leaking. 

Pernais: Oh, that's bad

Doron: But it's also cheap

Pernais: Cheap is good

Adverbs of Intensity + Adjectives

We use adverbs to intensify the meanings of adjectives.

Point 1: Very, really and so intensify an adjective.

She is busy.
She is very busy.

It is fun.
It is really fun.

The test is hard.
The test is so hard.

Point 2: Not very and not ... at all give an adjective the opposite meaning.

He is not very nice. (He is unfriendly.)

It is not expensive at all. (It is cheap.)

Point 3: Not that and not so lessen an adjective's intensity.

He is not that tall.

My town is not so big.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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