Beginner English Grammar (A2) Lesson 4 of 25

Will / Future Tense

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

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Conversation 1

Man: How is your French class?
Woman: Good, but it will finish next week.
Man: Oh, will you take the next course?
Woman: No, I can’t. I won’t have time.
Man: I’m surprised to hear that. You love that class.
Woman: I do, but I will start a new job next week. The class and my job will be at the same time.
Man: That's too bad!
Woman: It’s OK. I will still study on my own.
Man: That’s the spirit!

Conversation 2

Man: The company picnic is the 18th. Will you be there?
Woman: Yes, I think I’ll go. What time does it start?
Man: It will begin at 12 and will go until 5.
Woman: OK, I’ll try to make it. Will your wife be there?
Man: No, she won’t be there this year. She has to work.
Woman: Oh, that’s too bad. My husband won’t come, either. He's out of town.
Man: So, will you come alone?
Woman: No, I will bring my kids. They love the free food.
Man: My kids too. I am sure they will eat a lot!
Woman: Mine, too.

Conversation 3

Man: Where will you go for the summer break?
Woman: I will go to the beach with my family.
Man: That sounds fun. How long will you be there?
Woman: We won't stay long, maybe two or three days.
Man: Nice. Where will you stay?
Woman: We will stay at the new hotel. It just opened!
Man: Nice choice. I hear it’s really beautiful.

Conversation 4

Man: When’s our next soccer game?
Woman: It’s next Tuesday.
Man: Who will we play?
Woman: We will play Mary’s team, the Lions.
Man: Great. Will everyone be there?
Woman: Matt won’t be there, but everyone else will.
Man: Oh,that’s too bad.Well, we’ll miss him. Where will we play?
Woman: We’ll play at the new soccer field by City Café.
Man: Oh, I love that field. We always win there.
Woman: We’ll see! Don’t get too confident!
Man: Don’t worry! I won’t!
Woman: We’ll also go out for pizza after the game.
Man: That sounds fun.
Woman: It should be! Especially if we win!

Will for Future Tense

Point 1: We use will to talk about things happening in the future.
  1. I will see you tomorrow.
  2. The meeting will start soon.
  3. She will not be here next week.
  4. It will not be be easy to pass the exam
Point 2: The negative form of will is will not, but we often contract this to won't in spoken English. However, do not use contractions in formal writing.
  1. We won't have enough money.
  2. She won't get home until six.
  3. The test won't be easy.
  4. I won't travel this year.
Point 3: We use will to express a future action that is immediate.
  • Who will be at the meeting?
  • Everyone will be there.
  • When will it end?
  • I will end at noon, just before lunch.
Point 4: We often use the contraction of will ('ll) in spoken English. However, do not use contractions in formal writing.
  1. I'll call you tomorrow.
  2. She'll be here soon.
  3. They'll give you call this week.
  4. Arnold always says, "I'll be back," in his movies.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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