English Course for Beginners - CEFR A1 - Lesson 1

Be Verbs - Present Simple

Read and listen to four conversation using the grammar and families.

Conversation 1

Man: I like your family photos. Who is this?
Woman: That is my dad. He is a doctor.
Man: Wow. He is very tall.
Woman: Yes, he is.
Man: Is this your mom?
Woman: Yes, she is a doctor, too.
Man: Wow! Smart family.

Conversation 2

Man: Who are these people?
Woman: That is my husband. In this picture, he is at work.
Man: Is he a fireman?
Woman: Yes, he is. And this is my daughter.
Man: Wow, she is so cute.
Woman: Yes, she is cute!

Conversation 3

Man: Who are the people in this picture?
Woman: That is my older brother and younger sister.
Man: Oh, what do they do?
Woman: My sister is a pilot. My brother is a farmer.
Man: Wow. They have cool jobs.
Woman: Yeah, they do!

Conversation 4

Man: And, who are these people?
Woman: Those are my grandparents.
Man: Oh, do they live in town?
Woman: No, they live in the country. They have a farm.
Man: How nice!
Woman: Yeah, I go there often.

Be Verbs (am, is, are) Simple Present

Point 1: The Be verb has three forms in the present tense - amisare.
  1. I am a teacher.
  2. You are a student.
  3. He is a nice man.
  4. She is very smart.
Point 2: Use am and am not for the pronoun I.
  1. I am American.
  2. I am not tired.
  3. I'm happy. (am = 'm)
  4. I'm not sad. (am = 'm)
Point 3: Use are and are not for the pronoun you.
  1. You are a student.
  2. You are not a teacher.
  3. You're a nice person. (are = 're)
  4. You're not late. (are not = 're not)
  5. You aren't late. (are not = aren't)
Point 4: Use is and is not for the pronoun she.
  1. She is my friend.
  2. She is not my sister.
  3. She's very smart. (is = 's)
  4. She's not here. (is not = 's not)
  5. She isn't here. (is not = isn't)
Point 5: Use is and is not for the pronoun he.
  1. He is my friend.
  2. He is not my brother.
  3. He's very smart. (is = 's)
  4. He's not here. (is not = 's not)
  5. He isn't here. (is not = isn't)
Point 6: Use is and is not for the pronoun it.
  1. It is cold today.
  2. It is not warm.
  3. It's easy. (is = 's)
  4. It's not hard (is not = 's not)
  5. It isn't hard. (is not = isn't)
Point 7: Use are and are not for the pronoun they.
  1. They are my friends.
  2. They are not from here.
  3. They're nice people.(are = 're)
  4. They're not my shoes. (are not = 're not)
  5. They aren't my shoes. (are not = aren't)
Point 8: Use are and are not for the pronoun we.
  1. We are here.
  2. We are not late.
  3. We're good friends. (are = 're)
  4. We're not busy. (are not = 're not)
  5. We aren't busy. (are not = aren't)
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!

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