English Course for Beginners - CEFR A2 - Lesson 1 of 25

Determiners and Plural Nouns

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: Do you play sports?
Woman: Yes, I play volleyball and tennis. Do you play sports?
Man: No, I don't play sports, but I exercise a lot.
Woman: Oh, what do you do?
Man: I run, I swim, and I do yoga.
Woman: You do a lot!

Conversation 2

Man: Do you cook much?
Woman: No, but I cook breakfast every day.
Man: What do you make?
Woman: I make omelets or pancakes. Do you cook?
Man: Not breakfast. I eat breakfast at school.
Woman: Where do you eat?
Man: Well, I buy a pastry at the bakery and eat it at school.

Conversation 3

Man: Do you have a pet?
Woman: Yes, I have a dog. And you?
Man: I have a dog and a cat.
Woman: Do they stay inside?
Man: Yes, but I take my dog for a walk every day.
Woman: Me too. I walk my dog in the park.

Conversation 4

Man: When do you get up?
Woman: I get up at 6 every day. And you?
Man: I get up at 7. I like to sleep in.
Woman: Lucky you! When do you go to bed?
Man: I go to bed at 11. And you?
Woman: I get in bed at 10 but then I read, and I fall asleep by 12.
Man: Oh, that's late. I need my sleep!


Point 1: Determiners (a, an, the, some) come before nouns and give nouns added meaning.
  1. I bought a hat.
  2. I bought an old hat.
  3. I bought the hat.
  4. I bought some hats.
Point 2: We use a / an when we introduce a singular noun. We use an if the noun or adjective starts with a vowel sound.
  1. I have a bike.
  2. I have a new bike.
  3. I have an apple.
  4. I have an old bike.
Point 3: We use some to introduce an uncountable noun or plural noun.
  1. I have some pain in my arm.
  2. She has some money for me.
  3. We have some pets.
  4. I made some cookies.
Point 4: We use the when the speaker and listener both know what is being discussed.
  1. I got the drinks for the party.
  2. I like the new cafe.
  3. When is the meeting?
  4. Who is the new guy at work?
Answer these questions about the interview.

Gap Fill: Complete the conversation with the correct word!


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