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Was able to

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Woman: How did you do on the test?
Man: Not great. I wasn’t able to answer all the questions. I ran out of time.
Woman: Same here. Some of the questions were really hard.
Man: Were you able to finish the essay section?
Woman: Yeah, I was able to do that, at least.
Man: Me too, although I wasn’t able to write 300 words.
Woman: Me neither! How many words did you write?
Man: I was only able to write about 200 words.
Woman: Same! Well, fingers crossed we get a good grade.
Man: Yes, fingers crossed!

Conversation 2

Man: So, how is the wedding planning coming along?
Woman: Good, we have finalized most of the arrangements.
Man: Are you still having the wedding at the lake?
Woman: No, we weren’t able to get the place we wanted.
Man: Oh, then where are you having it then?
Woman: We are having it at a hotel in the countryside.
Man: Well, it sounds nice.
Woman: Yeah, in the end, it worked out well. We were able to get a really good deal on the caterer, too.
Man: Oh, that’s great! I am glad to hear it.

Conversation 3

Man: I am sorry I wasn’t able to attend your birthday party on Saturday.
Woman: Yeah, what happened? We were expecting you.
Man: Well, my babysitter canceled and I wasn’t able to find a replacement.
Woman: Oh, that’s too bad. Maybe next time.
Man: Well, I really wanted to go. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it.
Woman: No worries. Some other people couldn’t make it also.
Man: Oh, good. I am glad I was not the only one.

Conversation 4

Woman: Before I forget, how was your trip to New York?
Man: It was fun. We saw a lot.
Woman: Did you see the Statue of Liberty?
Man: No, we weren’t able to get tickets for the ferry.
Woman: What about the Empire State Building? I hope you were able to see that.
Man: We were able to go there, but we weren’t able to go to the top.
Woman: Oh no, why not?
Man: It was closed for maintenance or something.
Woman: Oh that’s too bad.
Man: Well, I am sure I’ll be able to go back someday!


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Answer these questions about the interview.


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Grammar Listening Practice

                        Simple Passive
B2-01 Simple Passive
All the food is cooked with organic ingredients.

                        Past Passive
B2-02 Past Passive
It was built about 30 years ago.

B2-03 Was
                        able to
B2-03 Was able to
I wasn’t able to answer all the questions.

B2-04 Was
                        going to
B2-04 Was going to
I was going to go there.

                        Adverb Placement
B2-05 Adverb Placement
I haven’t technically been there.

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