English for Intermediate Students - CEFR B2 - Lesson 16 of 25

Reflexive Pronouns

Read and listen to four conversations using the grammar.

Conversation 1

Man: What are you doing?
Woman: I’m trying to learn yoga.
Man: Well, be careful. Don’t hurt yourself.
Woman: I won’t. I’m taking it slow.
Man: Why don’t you take a class or watch a video?
Woman: No, I’d rather teach myself. I like learning things on my own.
Man: Suit yourself.

Conversation 2

Man: So, where are you living these days?
Woman: I live near the beach.
Man: Oh, rent is so expensive there. Do you have a roommate?
Woman: No, I live by myself.
Man: Wow! That must be so nice to live by the beach.
Woman: It is. When I saw the apartment vacancy, I told myself I had to get it, no matter the cost.
Man: That must cost a lot.
Woman: Not really. Because it is near the beach and my work, I no longer need a car, so I save a lot of money on transportation.
Man: Well, that must be nice.
Woman: Yeah, in a way, the apartment pays for itself.

Conversation 3

Man: Can I have another cookie?
Woman: By all means. Help yourself.
Man: These are so good. Did you buy them?
Woman: Oh, heaven’s no! I made them myself.
Man: Wow, well, you outdid yourself. These are delicious.
Woman: Well, I’m glad you like them.

Conversation 4

Woman: What did you buy at the store?
Man: I bought myself a new watch.
Woman: Oh, cool. What can it do?
Man: Well, it can monitor my sleep, and it never needs batteries.
Woman: It doesn’t need batteries! How does it do that?
Man: It recharges itself using solar power.
Woman: Wow, I need to get a watch like that.
Man: You should. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves to something nice.
Woman: I like how you think.


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Answer these questions about the interview.


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Grammar Listening Practice

B2-16 Reflexive Pronouns
B2-16 Reflexive Pronouns
Well, be careful. Don’t hurt yourself.

                        Emphatic Pronouns
B2-17 Emphatic Pronouns
I’ll give it to him myself when I see him next week.

                        By + Gerund Clauses
B2-18 By + Gerund Clauses
You should support your ideas by adding supporting data.

B2-19 Passive Modals of Obligation
B2-19 Passive Modals of Obligation
First, all the documents need to be proofread.

B2-20 Do as a Replacement Verb
B2-20 Do as a Replacement Verb
I have not done that yet. I will try to do it today.

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