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050 World Traveler
50 World Traveler
David talks about places he has visited.

049 Nature
49 Nature
Kevin talks about nature.

048 The Cold
48 The Cold
Conrad is sick. He explains his illness.

047 Dream Job
47 Dream Job
Jessica shares her ideal job.

046 The Website
46 The Web Site
Jeff talks about starting a website.

045 Great State
45 Great State
Tim talks about Oregon.

044 Japanese Life
44 Japanese Life
Kanade talks why she likes it there.

043 English Life
43 English Life
Cat talks about the town she is from.

042 Tough Guy
42 Tough Guy
Nobu is an expert in martial arts.

041  Weekend Getaway
41 Weekend Get-away
Adrianna is getting out. She explains where and why?

040 The Runner
40 The Runner
Tim discusses running.

39 The Guesthouse
Daisuke talks about his living arrangement.

039 The Guest House
38 The Beef with Beef
Theo is not happy about his beef bowl.

037 England and Japan
37 England and Japan
Clare compares two countries.

036 Spear Fishing
36 Spear Fishing
Michael talks about hunting fish.

035 Movies
35 Movies
David talks about movies.

034 Writing
34 Writing
Jeff talks about being a writer.

033 Road Trip
33 Road Trip
Tim talks about his road trips.

032 High school
32 High School
Kerys talks about her rough school days.

031 Martial Arts
31 Martial Arts
Victor talks about his martial art.

030 Scuba Diving
30 Scuba Diving
Nicola talks about her first time diving.

029 The Visitor
29 The Visitor
Leath talks about a dangerous visitor.

028 Homestay in Poland
28 Homestay in Poland
Charlotte shares her homestay in Poland.

027 Montreal
27 Montreal
Ann talks about her city in Canada.

026 Radio Job
26 Radio Job
Annili talks about teaching via radio.

025 Mr. Baseball
25 Mr. Baseball
Kevin talks about how baseball is a family tradition.

024 Nickname
24 Nickname
David explains his nickname.

023 Music and Such
23 Music and Such
Matt answers questions about music.

022 Bus Story
22 The Bus Story
Jessica recalls a funny story on the school bus.

021 English Village
21 English Village
Steven talks about the village he is from in England.

020 Going Home
20 Going Home
Victor chats about his flight back home.

019 The Train Trip
19 The Train Trip
Devon talks about his train trip across Russia.

018 Love Story
18 The Love Story
JJ talks about a time she fell in love.

017 Good Movie
17 Good Movie
Jamie talks about a film that he really liked.

016 The Jock
16 The Jock
Conrad talks about the sport he likes best.

015 Roomates
15 Roommates
JJ talks about her new living situation.

014 Big Apple
14 Big Apple Baby
Kevin talks about his earliest memories.

013 Summer Vacation
13 Summer Vacation
Jeanna talks about her summer vacation.

012 New Job
12 First Job
Charlotte talks about her first teaching job.

011 New Home
11 New House
Kerri talks about her new living situation.

010 Africa
10 Africa Life
Leath talks about life around his city in Harare, Zimbabwe.

009 Going Home
9 Going Home
Gabrielle is heading back to New Zealand.

008 Losing Weight
8 Losing Weight
Devon gives how to shed a few pounds.

007 Sydney
7 Sydney
Ann is Canadian but she has lived in Sydney.

006 Japanese Culture
6 Japanese Culture
Reiko talks a little about Ikebana.

005 Australia
5 Australia
Michael talks a little about his country, Australia and about its cities.

004 Meet Parents
4 Meet the Parents
Jessica talks about her mom and dad.

003 Dogs
3 Dogs
Matt explains his special relationship with dogs.

002 The Bus
2 The Big Red Bus
Steven talks about a picture of a big red bus.

001 The Omelet
1 The Omelet
Kerri shares her recipe for a delicious omelet.

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