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Tokyo Nights

Shane talks about why he came to Tokyo from Dublin.
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Todd: OK, Shane, why don't you talk a little about why you came to Japan?

Shane: Well, I suppose the reason I came to Japan is because, I suppose it's a personal thing. There's many different people in Dublin, different types of people.

I do not think that Dublin has the mental stimuli, or does not have the hardcore atmosphere that somewhere like Tokyo could possibly have, so you have many types of people who are happy living in Dublin, going to the same places, the same bars, same restaurants, yet I feel that Tokyo has a lot more to offer because it's more hardcore.

There's so much stuff to do. Simple things like Karaoke, non-drink related activites that you can do over here which is great, so I wanted to get away from Ireland. See a differnt country, a different type of atmosphere, and have some fun as well at the same time and make some money.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

suppose or a personal thing

I suppose the reason why I came to Japan is a personal thing.

If we 'suppose' something we don't exactly know the reason, but this answer seems practical to us.  When someone tells us that something is a 'personal thing' it means that one place is not necessarily better than the other but we prefer one because of our personality. It is a difference of personal opinion. Notice the following:

  1. I suppose something is wrong because he is never late to work.
  2. My decision to quit my job was a personal thing.

mental stimuli

Dublin does not have the mental stimuli that Tokyo has.

'Mental stimuli' are things that make our brains active or interested. Notice the following:

  1. People can go crazy in a place that has no mental stimuli.
  2. We may feel bored if there is not enough mental stimuli in our lives.

hardcore atmosphere

Tokyo has a hardcore atmosphere and a lot more things to offer.

If something is 'hardcore' it is really intense.  The 'atmosphere' is what is around us, in this case lights, people, traffic and whatever else you find in a big city. Notice the following:

  1. The business has a hardcore atmosphere that you feel the second you walk in the door.
  2. The hardcore atmosphere of the city was terrifying at first, but now I like it.

non-drink related activities

There are many non-drink related activities that you can do over here.

Things that don't include alcohol are 'non-drink related activities.'  Things that are different than going to a bar or nightclub.  Notice the following:

  1. When you are in college not many things you do are non-drink related activities.
  2. I think that shopping is my favorite non-drink related activity.

make money

I want to have some fun and make money, too.

When we 'make money' people pay us for abilities that we have, services we give or things that we sell.  When you are working you are making money. Notice the following:

  1. He makes good money as a lawyer.
  2. The company is still new so we aren't making much money.

Vocabulary Quiz

suppose • personal • stimuli
hardcore • non-drink • make money
  1. In countries where the people don't drink alcohol there are more related activities.
  2. His personality can be a little too for me.
  3. What do you he wants for his birthday present?
  4. The decision to move here was more a thing than a career choice.
  5. She doesn't do this job to , she is only volunteering.
  6. I always carry a puzzle book for mental .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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