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Daniela talks a little about horses and how they act.
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Todd: Hello, Daniela, how are you tonight?

Daniella: Hi, Todd. I'm fine, thanks.

Todd: Now, you were showing me a picture of a horse.

Daniella: Yes.

Todd: And you were saying that female horses and male horses are different.

Daniella: They behave different to me, so maybe it's just my imagination, or not but female horses, mares, are kind of cold and aggressive towards me cause I'm a female and I kind of compete over the male coaches' affection, that was my conclusion because male horses are so nice to me.

Todd: So you saying the horse can tell if it's a man or woman rider.

Daniella: Exactly, my horse can do that. She's more affectionate towards men.

Todd: Really!

Daniella: Yeah, and she's a female.

Todd: So if I want to go horse riding for the first time and I'm on my own.

Daniella: You don't have to worry because the coach will make sure the horse will behave and it will fear the coach, at least, and it won't do anything wrong to you, but if you want to make friends with the horse you'll probably have to work out more with a male horse.

Todd: Really.

Daniella: Yeah, for me it's very difficult to become friendly with a female horse. Maybe it's just my impression. Maybe it's not true but that's my conclusion so far.

Todd: Well, that's good to know. Thanks.

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Maybe it's just my imagination, but I really think horses behave differently towards me.

Your 'imagination' is the ability to create ideas or images in your head. Notice the following:

  1. You can use your imagination and get an idea of what the experience was like.
  2. My son has a very good imagination.

cold and aggressive

I find that female horses are more cold and aggressive towards me.

If a person or an animal is 'cold' they are not friendly or affectionate.  An 'aggressive' animal or person will attack quickly if bothered and can be violent.  Sometimes we consider competitive people to be aggressive. Notice the following:

  1. He can really be cold about other people's problems.
  2. His behavior is very aggressive and he gets in a lot of fights.

compete (for) attention

It may be because I kind of compete over the male coaches' affection.

If you are 'competing for attention' from someone there are other things that might be interesting or call for their attention, but you want their attention focused on you.  Notice the following:

  1. Sometimes the students compete for attention in the classroom.
  2. My brother and sister are always competing for my father's attention.


My horse is more affectionate towards men.

An 'affectionate' animal or person shows a lot of love, usually through physical contact. Notice the following:

  1. You should try to be more affectionate in your relationship.
  2. My elderly neighbor is very affectionate with her grandchildren.

work out

You'll probably have to work out more with a male horse.

In this case 'work out' is like exercise or train with the horse.  Notice the following:

  1. We started to work out together a few months ago, but I was comfortable riding her immediately.
  2. Have you tried working out on this machine yet?

Vocabulary Quiz

imagination • cold • aggressive
competing for • affectionate • work out
  1. It was his New Year's resolution to three times a week.
  2. He is successful, but generally people don't like him because he's too .
  3. Now that she is rich and famous all of her friends are her attention.
  4. I can't believe you can be so towards her. Making her come to work when her grandmother just died.
  5. They are a very couple and it is uncomfortable to be around them.
  6. He is a good writer because he has an amazing .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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