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First Love

Kate talks about a special boyfriend.

Jessica: Kate, how old were you when you had your first boyfriend?

Kate: My first proper boyfriend was probably when I was 14.

Jessica: 14 What was his name?

Kate: His name was Murray.

Jessica: Murray. Wow. And did you meet him through school?

Kate: He went to a different school, he went to a school near my school.

Jessica: OK, so how did you meet him?

Kate: We met through mutual friends. His friend knew my friend.

Jessica: OK. So now what, so did you actually go on dates with him when you were 14?

Kate: Yes, we did.

Jessica: Wow. Where did you go?

Kate: We went to the cinema. We used to go and listen to music, watch bands, and we used to go to like the fair, and things like that.

Jessica: Oh, cool. So were your parents cool with you having a boyfriend?

Kate: Yes, yes. They really liked him.

Jessica: Yeah, and they, Wow, that's really good, cause a lot of times parents aren't very cool with...

Kate: Yeah. We went out a long time.

Jessica: How long did you go out?

Kate: Two and a half years, nearly three years.

Jessica: So it finished when you were 17?

Kate: Yeah, 17.

Jessica: Do you still keep in touch with him?

Kate: Yes, he's living in my flat at the moment.

Jessica: Really, Wow!

Kate: Yeah, we're like really good friends.

Jessica: Oh, that's good.

Kate: He's renting my flat off of me.

Jessica: Oh, that's cool. Wonderful.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

mutual friends

I met my boyfriend through mutual friends.

If you have 'mutual friends', it means that you have some of the same friends or you share friends. Notice the following:

  1. Working in the same business we have a lot of mutual friends.
  2. My boyfriend and I don't have any mutual friends.

go on dates

Did you actually go on dates with him when you were 14?

When you 'go on dates', it means that you go out someplace romantically together, like a movie or dinner. Notice the following:

  1. We used to go on dates a lot before we had kids.
  2. Do you go on dates or just spend time together?


Were your parents cool with you having a boyfriend?

If a person 'is cool' with something it means that it is okay with them or they permit it. Notice the following:

  1. Is it cool if I come a little later?
  2. My boss is really cool about most things.

keep in touch

Do you still keep in touch with him?

If you continue contact with someone it means that you 'keep in touch' with that person. Notice the following:

  1. We keep in touch mostly through email now.
  2. Are you good about keeping in touch with the people from back home?


He's living in my flat at the moment.

A 'flat' is another name for apartment. Notice the following:

  1. Do you share your flat with anyone?
  2. You flat is decorated really well.

Vocabulary Quiz

mutual friends • go on dates • cool
keep in touch • flat
  1. We usually to museums or the theater.
  2. I don't know if he will be with this plan.
  3. His has three bedrooms.
  4. Our had a party for us when we got engaged.
  5. We still , but we don't see each other often.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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