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Spanish Travel Tips

Jessica gives some ideas for people wanting to go to Spain.

Todd: Hey Jessica, you lived in Spain right?

Jessica: Yes.

Todd: OK, believe it or not I'm going to Spain this summer.

Jessica: Are you really?

Todd: Yeah, on my way home I decided to stop over in Europe.

Jessica: Really?

Todd: So I plan to spend about ten days in Spain.

Jessica: Oh, cool. Very cool.

Todd: What do you recommend I do?

Jessica: OK. Well, I lived in Madrid so I'm a little bit partial to that city. It's a really, really, nice time.., when are you going?

Todd: I should get there mid August.

Jessica: OK, then stay away from Madrid because it's too hot. It's about like 40, 45 degrees Celsius so it's really, really hot. So, the south is really extremely warm as well but the north and the east coast is really nice, cause they have a lot of really nice beaches and Barcelona is really beautiful. It's a really great place. They have this cathedral there by Gaudi which is incredible, it's incredible. Ah, Valencia is really cool. It's a very nice place to go. They have a really nice beach. A really nice downtown city. The southern coast is really nice. They.. but it's incredibly hot like I said so.. so you definitely have to take advantage of the siesta and sleep through the majority of the day and then stay up late at night, so you wouldn't burn outside basically, so sleep away the warmest part of the day but..

Todd: OK, now if I can go to one country around Spain - Morocco, Portugal or France, which one would you recommend?

Jessica: I would say that Morocco is definitely the most different. It's definitely the most unique. Portugal is very similar to Spain and France is of course France. Personally, I would probably go to France but if you want something very exotic and different, Morocco is definitely, definitely the place to go.

Todd: OK, thanks Jessica.

Jessica: Thank you.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

stop over

On my way home, I decided to stop over in Europe.

If you 'stop over' someplace you go to a location that wasn't part of your original plan.  Usually you are passing over or through this location and decide to stay for a short period of time. Notice the following:

  1. Why don't you stop over in Chicago on your way?
  2. I am going to stop over at my mother's house on the way home.

partial to

I lived in Madrid, so I'm a little bit partial to that city.

If you are 'partial to' something you have a biased opinion in favor of it or you think it is better than other similar things. Notice the following:

  1. She is partial to the work that her husband's company does.
  2. I am definitely partial to the home team.


I should get to Spain mid August.

'Mid' is a short way of saying 'in the middle of.' Notice the following:

  1. Their baby was born mid June.
  2. She will be into the office mid-morning.

take advantage of

You have to take advantage of the siesta, and sleep through the majority of the day, so you wouldn't burn outside.

When you 'take advantage of' something you make use of it for your own personal gain. Notice the following:

  1. People always take advantage of him for his car.
  2. Try to take advantage of the sales that they have at the markets.


If you want something very exotic and different, Morocco is definitely the place to go.

Something that is 'exotic' is very different from what you are used to in an interesting and exciting way. Notice the following:

  1. There are many different types of exotic foods to try.
  2. She definitely looks very exotic.

Vocabulary Quiz

stop over • partial to • mid
take advantage • exotic
  1. Our plan was to in Colorado for a few days to see them.
  2. There were many new fruits at the market.
  3. Her friends always of her.
  4. We are looking for someone to start in October.
  5. I am dishes with a lot of vegetables.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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