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Rare Food

Greg talks about eating a very rare dish.

Todd: So, Greg, in your travels have you ever eaten any wild food?

Greg: Oh, yeah, in Thailand I ate a lot of different wild food. One time, I had a really unusual experience. I was with one of the teachers from my school, and a couple of his friends and those guys are hunters. We went into the rain forest of Thailand, and we slept that night in an old tin mine.

Todd: A tin mine? Was it open, or was it still?

Greg: No, it was closed down, there were still a couple of old buildings there and you could have a fire. It was very exciting, and then in the morning, we went walking through the woods, but actually in the rain forest, it's really hard to walk. The only place you can really walk is through, up the river. There are so many thick branches,... but I was talking a photographs, at one point in the forest, and I saw in the corner of my eye my friend suddenly pick up their rifles and the were shooting at something in a tree, and then this animal came down, and I was amazed. It was a, in Thai they say "mi meow", which means bearcat, very low to the ground, thick fur animal and it came running down the stream towards me and my friends were shooting. At first, I was all, "Oh, this is so interesting" taking a picture and then I thought, "Oh, my God! This wounded animal is coming towards me and that is the most dangerous animal, and they kept shooting and it actually died about one meter away from me.

Todd: Whoa! It almost got you!

Greg: Yeah, and my friends

Todd: It wanted revenge.

Greg: They should have gone to the hunters.

Todd: Right. Right. Wrong guy.

Greg: My friend's tied the bear up to a piece of bamboo and carried it back through he forest to where we were camping, and they cut up the meat and they cooked it, very hot and spicy Thai dish. It was delicious, and the next day, they brought the rest of the meat back to their village, and I thought it was very interesting, but then the next week, I went into another town and I saw an exhibition about endangered animals in Thailand, and that animal was an endangered animal, so I felt really bad about it, afterwards. I would never have eaten an endangered animal if I had known.

Todd: Wow! Man. Well, you know, at least you didn't pull the trigger.

Greg: That's truem, but I used the chopsticks.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

wild food

In your travels, Greg, have you ever eaten any wild food?

'Wild food' refers to food that is very different or strange. It can also refer to wild animals that are hunted and then eaten. Notice the following:

  1. We saw a lot of wild food at the market, but I was too scared to try any of it.
  2. Most of what they eat here is wild food.


In the morning, we went walking through the woods, but actually in the rainforest, it's really hard to walk.

A 'rainforest' is a tropical forest with many tall trees and dense plants. It is an area that receives a lot of rain every year. Notice the following:

  1. These mammals are found mostly in the rainforest of Brazil.
  2. Now there is a lot of effort to protect the rainforest.

saw in the corner of my eye

I was taking photographs when I saw in the corner of my eye my friends suddenly picked up their rifles.

When you see something 'in the corner of your eye' it is off to one side of you or the other and you can just barely see it in your area of vision. Notice the following:

  1. I thought I just saw something moving in the corner of my eye.
  2. I could see him waving in the corner of my eye.


I thought it was very interesting, but then I saw an exhibition about endangered animals, and it was one of them.

An 'exhibition' is an exhibit where things like art or artifacts are put on display for people to see and to learn. Notice the following:

  1. He has an exhibition of his paintings in his house every month.
  2. An exhibition of ancient tools is at the history museum right now.


I would never have eaten an endangered animal if I had known.

If an animal is 'endangered' it means that there are few few of this type of animal alive in the world. Notice the following:

  1. Harpy eagles are one of the largest birds of prey, but they are endangered so you can only see them in zoos.
  2. This groups tries to protect many endangered animals and give them a safe place to reproduce.

Vocabulary Quiz

wild • rainforest • corner
exhibition • endangered
  1. There is an about the human body at the science museum right now.
  2. For me, insects are pretty food.
  3. This bird is an species, and there are almost none left living in the wild.
  4. As a part of the travel package, we are actually going to sleep in a for the night.
  5. I could see someone coming closer out of the of my eye.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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