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At the Restaurant

Listen to a situation at a restaruant.
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Waitress: Hi, welcome to our restaurant.

Customer: Thank you very much.

Waitress: How many people are there?

Customer: Just the one.

Waitress: Just one person, ok. Smoking or non-smoking?

Customer: Non-smoking please.

Waitress: Come along and have a seat right here.

Customer: Thanks.

Waitress: Here are your menus and a glass of water.


Waitress: Can I get you something to drink?

Customer: Mmm I was wondering about this wine actually. What’s your house wine?

Waitress: Our house wine is this red wine right here and it’s 10 dollars.

Customer: Oh, I think I’ll have a glass of that actually.

Waitress: Just a glass?

Customer: How much is it for a bottle?

Waitress: 10 dollars.

Customer: Oh sorry. Yeah I’ll have a bottle then, thanks.

Waitress: Can I take your order for an appetiser?

Customer: Mmm I quite like the look of several of these. Now the melon, does that come with anything else?

Waitress: The melon? It just comes with some garnish But it’s pretty much just plain melon with garnish and some whipped cream.

Customer: What would you recommend?

Waitress: Well I really recommend the fries. They’re quite good and they come with cheese and tomatoes and some chile on top.

Customer: Oh they sound nice. Ok, I’ll have those thanks.


Waitress: Are you ready to order your meal?

Customer: Yes I think I’m ready now. I think I’ll have this vegetable goulash. Can you tell me, is it vegetarian?

Waitress: It is, actually. It’s all vegetarian but it does come with cheese.

Customer: Oh that’s ok, I eat cheese. Do I get any with it?

Waitress: It comes with a side order of rice or potatoes.

Customer: I’d like rice please.

Waitress: Ok.


Waitress: Did you enjoy your meal?

Customer: It was delicious, thank you.

Waitress: Can I get you anything else?

Customer: Oh, I’d like to look at the desert menu please. Mm these all look nice. Oh I think I must go for this chocolate cake here.

Waitress: Chocolate cake. Very good choice-that’s our most popular dish.

Customer: Could I get cream with it please?

Waitress: Would you like custard or whipped cream?

Customer: Whipped cream please.

Waitress: Coming right up.

Customer: Could I have the bill please?

Waitress: Certainly. Here you go.

Customer: Mmm 30 dollars. Oh that’s ok, that’s not too bad.

Waitress: Thank you for coming.

Customer: Ok no problem.

Waitress: Bye, come again!

Customer: Bye!

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson

have a seat

Come along and have a seat right here.

"Have a seat" is a formal and polite way to ask someone to sit down.  It is usually used as a polite command. Notice the following:

  1. Have a seat next to your mother.  I want to talk to you.
  2. If you don't have a seat right now, you will be in trouble.

house wine

What’s your house wine?

The 'house wine" is the basic wine served in a restaurant and is also usually the cheapest.  In most restaurants you can choose between a red or white house wine.  Notice the following:

  1. Your meal comes with a glass of our house wine.
  2. The red house wine is a Merlot.


Can I take your order for an appetizer?

An appetizer is food that is served before the main entree.  It is usually smaller than a full meal and is something to eat while the other food is being prepared.  Notice the following:

  1. We are going to share the lettuce wraps as an appetizer.
  2. If you want to sample many different foods, I recommend the appetizer platter.

come with

Now the melon, does that come with anything else?

An hamburger usually "comes with" French fries, meaning the fries are included for no extra money.  Notice the following:

  1. The fish fillet came with a huge salad.
  2. The soup was very expensive and didn't even come with bread.

side order

It comes with a side order of rice or potatoes.

A side order is a small amount of food that comes with and entree or can be ordered alone.  Rice, potatoes, steamed vegetables, beans, fruit, salad and French fries are all common side orders.  Notice the following:

  1. I'm not very hungry, but I really want a side order of potato salad.
  2. She got a side order of fruit with her sandwich.

Vocabulary Quiz

a seat • house • appetizer
come with • side
  1. Do you want to me to the park tomorrow?
  2. The wine is usually the cheapest option.
  3. Can I get a order of fries with that?.
  4. Come on in, have .
  5. To start, I'll have the salad .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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