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Ruth and Akane talk about a famous person.
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Akane: Hey, Ruth, let's play a game?

Ruth: Oh, great idea.

Akane: So, you think of one person in your head and I'll ask you questions and I'll try to guess who you're thinking of.

Ruth: So does it need to be a famous person?

Akane: Yes, make it a famous person.

Ruth: OK. OK, I've got one.

Akane: OK, is this person an athlete?

Ruth: No

Akane: Is this person a movie star?

Ruth: No, not that either.

Akane: Is this person a politician?

Ruth: No.

Akane: Is this person a singer?

Ruth: Yes.

Akane: Oh, OK.

Ruth: Now, is this person a man or a woman?

Akane: It's a woman.

Ruth: Oh, OK.

Akane: Is it a child or an adult?

Ruth: An adult.

Akane: Oh, I see. So a woman, and an adult. Is this person from Asia?

Ruth: No, definitely not.

Akane: Is she from North America?

Ruth: No.

Akane: Hm. Is she from Africa?

Ruth: Not Africa either.

Akane: Is she from Europe?

Ruth: Nope.

Akane: Oh, dear. Is she from Australia?

Ruth: That's right.

Akane: Oh, Australia. OK. Let me think about this. Does she have brown hair?

Ruth: Kind of brown, kind of blond.

Akane: Kind of brown. OK. Does she have big eyes?

Ruth: Yes she does.

Akane: Oh, big eyes, blond hair. Is she very beautiful?

Ruth: Yes.

Akane: Is she muscular?

Ruth: I think she's got a good body.

Akane: Has this person been famous for a very long time?

Ruth: Yes, as far as I can remember, actually.

Akane: For a very long time. And is she popular amongst older people?

Ruth: Not very old people but popular among twenty and thirty year olds, I think.

Akane: Twenty and thirty year olds. OK. Alright. Is this person on TV a lot?

Ruth: Yes, and she used to be on TV even more than she is now.

Akane: Oh, I see. So does that mean she used to be an actress?

Ruth: Yes she did.

Akane: Well, I think I know who she is.

Ruth: Go on then. You have a guess.

Akane: Kylie Minogue.

Ruth: Correct. You got it.

Learn Vocabulary from the lesson


Is she muscular?

A 'muscular' person has a lot of muscles, usually big muscles.  Imagine somebody who exercises and lifts weights.  Notice the following:

  1. I used to be more muscular, but now I don't have time for exercise.
  2. She has very muscular arms, because she plays tennis every day.

good body

I think she's got a good body.

To have a 'good body' is to have a nice shape or figure, not too fat and not too thin.  Notice the following:

  1. She has a good body, but she wears terrible clothes.
  2. I never knew that he had such a good body.


And is she popular amongst older people?

'Amongst' is the same as among and means 'within' or 'with.'  The example means, is she popular with older people?  Notice the following:

  1. Amongst all the suitcase I brought, I completely forgot pajamas.
  2. Amongst all your good ideas I think this one is the best.

go on then

Go on then. You have a guess.

'Go on then' is similar to 'try it' and is used to encourage somebody to do something.  Notice the following:

  1. Go on then and have a piece of cake.  My mother made it for you.
  2. If you want to go to the party, go on then.

you got it

Correct. You got it.

'You got it' means you understand or are doing something correctly.  Notice the following:

  1. I think you got it now.  Just keep playing like that.
  2. You got it!!! Finally!  Try it again.

Vocabulary Quiz

muscular • body • amongst
got it • go on then
  1. She doesn't know it, but she has a really good .
  2. He doesn't exercise much anymore, but he is still very .
  3. That's it. You . Now just keep going.
  4. I know it looks gross, but it tastes really good. , try it.
  5. Since we are friends, I can tell you how I really feel.
Answer the following questions about the interview.


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