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Nice Haircut!

Joel talks about the various hair styles he has had over the years.

Tom: Hey, Joel, you got your hair cut.

Joel: You can notice that. I don't have much hair left. You can see that it got cut.

Tom: Yeah, why don't you grow it out?

Joel: Actually, you can't notice right now cause it's cut so short but my hair's curly, so if I let it, and I'm bald on top now, so if grow it out I look like Bozo the clown.

Tom: Did you have long hair before?

Joel: Actually in college I had long hair. I grew it out pretty long and then, you know, my hair is really blond. I don't know if you can tell now. It's gotten a little bit darker, but it was down to my shoulders and really curly.

Tom: Wow.

Joel: Yeah.

Tom: When did you start losing it?

Joel: I noticed sort of at the end of college, when I had long hair, because it didn't grow nearly as long in the front. I always wanted it to be really even: long in the front and back, but it was, it grew much faster and much thicker in the back than in the front.

Tom: So when it's all gone, are you going to start combing it over?

Joel: No, I don't want to have the come over. I, actually, my wife likes bald heads, so I'm lucky, so I just cut it really short.

Joel: It's funny though. When I was really young, well when I was born, I was bald until I was maybe one years old or so, and I had very thin white straight hair, so it was perfectly straight, until I was about 13 years old, and as soon as I hit puberty, "booing"! My hair suddenly got curly, so as a self-conscience young adolescent, that was a but of a shocking experience for my hair to go from straight to curly almost overnight. Yeah.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

I see

I see you got your hair cut today.

You can use the phrase 'I see' when you notice something about someone. Notice the following:

  1. I see that he is new to the area.
  2. I see that you're feeling a little tired today.

grow out

In college, I had long hair and I grew it out pretty long.

If you 'grow your hair out' you let it become long. Notice the following:

  1. Wow! You look so different now that you grew your hair out.
  2. I want to grow my hair out long enough that I can put it up when I exercise.

comb over

When it's all gone, are you going to start coming it all over?

A 'comb over' is a comical hairstyle that is used by men when they start losing their hair. It is done by taking the hair from one side of the head and brushing it over a bald spot that is forming in the middle of your head. Notice the following:

  1. Even though he does a comb over, it's pretty obvious that he is going bald.
  2. My grandpa used to have a great comb over until he cut his hair short.

it's funny though

It's funny though that when I was born, I was bald.

You can use this phrase it introduce some information that is actually humorous or that is interesting, because it is unexpected. Notice the following:

  1. It's funny though, because 2 years ago she didn't know how to wash her own clothes, and now she has a kid.
  2. It's funny though, because she was always scared of doctors when she was younger, and now she's a doctor.

hit puberty

As soon as I hit puberty, my hair suddenly got curly.

'Puberty' is the age when children's bodies start changing and maturing to become more like adult bodies. When you begin to see signs of puberty, you can say that you have 'hit puberty.' This usually happens between the ages of 10 and 13. Notice the following:

  1. When young boys hit puberty, their voices will begin to change.
  2. Middle school was very uncomfortable for him, because he hit puberty earlier than a lot of his friends.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

see • grow out • comb over
funny • puberty
  1. Your skin changes a lot once you hit .
  2. It's though that she used to be the tall kid in class.
  3. My science teacher this years does a terrible every day.
  4. He's trying to the hair on his face, because he wants to have a beard.
  5. I that you're using contact lenses now.


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