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High Flying Job

Shuan talks about his dream of being a pilot and how to make it happen.

Todd: So Shuan, you're a student at the university, and you will be graduating soon. What are your future plans? What kind of jon do you want?

Shuan: Right now actually, I'm trying to get into Japan Airlines and an international pilot.

Todd: Oh, you want to be a pilot.

Shuan: Yeah, actually, I've already got a private pilot's license and, well...

Todd: You can fly a plane?

Shuan: I can but only a single engine plane.

Todd: Still, that's pretty cool.

Shuan: It was pretty fun, yeah.

Todd: So, why do you like flying? What's the cool thing about flying?

Shuan: Well, basically my father was a pilot and I just got interested in that through him. I've always like planes and machines and I thought maybe the best job for me would be to become a pilot.

Todd: Oh, that's cool. That's really cool. So how do you become a pilot? Like what do you have to do? What's the process?

Shuan: There's diffent ways of becoming a pilot. First, you can pay for it by yourself. You have to attend school. You have to take tests and eventually you gain your commercial license and then you can apply to an airline company that way. Another way is for you to go directly into an airline company from out of high school, or out of university, and they will train you and it's all paid for. They actually will give you a salary for the time that they are training you so you are actually going to make money in the time except that the airline will make you work harder.

Todd: Right, right. Still, that's a pretty good gig though.

Shuan: It is a really good deal, yeah, and the third way is to get a private pilot's license first so you already know the basics of how to fly and then try to get, try to get in a company and then they'll train you the rest of the way and usually you get a higher salary that way, so.

Todd: So what way are you doing it? How are you trying to get into Japan Airlines?

Shuan: Well, since I've already got my private pilot's license I'm going to try and get in pretty much half way through it, so I won't need as much training. I'll probably get a better salary and hopefully, hopefully I'll actually be able ot fly for JAL.

Todd: Well, good luck. I hope it works out.

Shuan: I do too.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

get into

I'm trying to get into Japan Airlines as an international pilot.

Here, 'get into' is 'get a job with.' Notice the following:

  1. It would be really good to get into an assistant manager position in that company, but I may have to work there a while first.
  2. How did she get into an advertising job?

private pilot's license

I've already got a private pilot's license.

When you have a 'private pilot's license,' it means you can fly small planes. Notice the following:

  1. His eyesight wasn't good enough to get his private pilot's license.
  2. She has always wanted to get her private pilot's license.

single engine plane

I can fly a plane but only a single engine plane.

A 'single engine plane' is one that only has one engine. Notice the following:

  1. It would take forever to travel that far in Canada by car, so we usually use a single engine plane.
  2. The company has a single engine plane that they use to fly to meetings.

a good gig

It's a pretty good gig to get a salary while still training to become a pilot.

In this case, a 'good gig' refers to a good job, maybe with a good salary or nice benefits. Notice the following:

  1. This is actually a pretty good gig for your first job.
  2. Waiting tables is a pretty  good gig for college students.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

get into • pilot's • single engine
good gig
  1. This summer I plan to take classes to get my private license, and then I plan to buy a plane.
  2. planes are more difficult to fly on very windy days.
  3. For being only a few months out of university, I think my job is a pretty .
  4. You must be so excited that you were able to a corporate position with Starbucks.

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