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Surf and the Sea

Mitchell talks what life on the waves.

Joel: So, Mitchell, you talked about surfing. You surf of course. Do you have any good surf stories?

Mitchell: Well, one day I was surfing and my friend said, "Oh, I see a shark" so I'm just like, "Right, you didn't see no shark" so you know we keep on surfing and next thing you know, we're surfing some more and it was like, "Ah, Mitch. I promise I saw a shark. I saw a shark". I was like, "Man, you're lying. Just shut up" you know cause my friends tend to joke a lot when they're surfing you know, cause we like to enjoy. So we're surfing and the next thing you know, we hear this siren coming, and like 200 yards away, we see this girl like getting out of the water like franticly. It's like, next thing you know, since we go out, we see an ambulance, something happened, like commotion, and everyone's going "Oh, this girl got bitten by a shark."

Joel: She actually got bitten by a shark.

Mitchell: She actually got bitten.

Joel: Oh, my god.

Mitchell: Well, not bad but like bit her toes or something. It's a reef shark. They're not very big but they tend to swim close to shore and in the rocks, cause like, a lot of people, they, we surf by the reef because the waves break nicely but it is also dangerous because you have the chance of hitting you head on the reef and getting scrapes and cuts.

Joel: What other kinds of wildlife do you see in the ocean? I surfed in California and they have like, Pelicans and sometimes dolphins.

Mitchell: Yeah, we see dolphins, we see manta rays, We see a lot of turtles.

Joel: Turtles, like the green sea turtles

Mitchell: Green sea turtles. Like back in the days, it was legal to eat turtles,

Joel: So, the what?

Mitchell: It was legal to eat turtles.

Joel: Oh, legal to eat turtles.

Mitchell: So people made like turtle soup, cause the meats like real tender, juicy, white, but they kind of got like extinct so they made a law saying that you can't eat turtles so now, right now, you can see a lot of turtles when you're surfing or in general in you're in Waikiki beach, some of those famous beach, you can see a lot of turtles.

Joel: By the way, what kind of board do you surf on, a long board or.

Mitchell: A long board or short board, or tankers, like it matters how the wave is, where in, what part of the beach I'm at. I usually surf, like 7-foot boards. Short boards or long boards.

Joel: So you check the weather forecast before you go?

Mitchell: yeah, call the surf hotline, the surf hotline saying, where's good, how strong the trade winds are, how deep the buoys are.

Joel: I see. Oh, you make me want to go surfing. Let's stop.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

shut up

My friend said he saw a shark, so I told him to just shut up because I thought he was lying.

If you tell someone to 'shut up,' you are telling them in an impolite way to be quiet. Notice the following:

  1. She loves talking and I always have to shut her up.
  2. Will you just shut up for a second so I can tell you the story?

the next thing you know

We continued surfing and the next thing you know, we heard a siren coming.

We can use this phrase when a situation changes very quickly. Notice the following:

  1. We were just hanging out on the beach in the sun, and the next thing you know it started raining.
  2. He had a great job and an expensive apartment, and the next thing he knew he was homeless and unemployed.


We saw this commotion and we thought the girl must have been bitten by a shark.

A 'commotion' is a noisy disturbance. Notice the following:

  1. The teacher kicked the boy out of class for causing a commotion.
  2. There was a real commotion outside the bars last night when everone left at the same time.

scrapes and cuts

It's dangerous to surf by the reef, because you might hit your head or get scrapes and cuts.

You get a 'scrape' when a part of your body rubs against something and removes the top layer of your skin. A 'cut' comes when something sharp breaks your skin making you bleed. Notice the following:

  1. Most children get covered in scrapes and cuts from playing outside in the summer.
  2. He was okay after his bike accident, but he did have a few scrapes and cuts.


Back in those days, it was legal to eat turtles.

When something is 'legal,' it is allowed by law. Notice the following:

  1. It isn't legal to talk on your cell phone while you drive here.
  2. Is it legal to smoke in restaurants here?
Answer the following questions about the interview.

Vocabulary Quiz

shut up • next thing • commotion
scrapes • legal
  1. He got a couple from falling down the stairs but nothing serious.
  2. What is the age to gamble here?
  3. I sat next to a woman on the plane who just wouldn't . I think she talked for nearly 3 hours.
  4. We were just watching a movie at home, and the you know there was a car in our living room.
  5. As soon as anyone gets close to the house, the dogs cause a real .

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