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Tini talks about the kinds of teachers she likes and the kinds she does not like.
Todd: OK, Tini, you were saying that you enjoy being a student.

Tini: Yes.

Todd: So, I'm a teacher. I have a couple of questions for you.

Tini: Sure.

Todd: First one, what type of teacher do you like?

Tini: What type of teacher? Well, I would prefer a teacher who has like very high standards towards their students, but at the same time, very understanding.

Todd: Well, that's interesting. So, by high standards, do you mean that they're very demanding?

Tini: Yes.

Todd: So, you think that the teacher should give difficult assignments and give lots of homework?

Tini: Well, demanding in the sense that probably because they know that the students can do more than, is more able, is able to do more but what they can do right at the moment, and probably in that way the teacher can, how do you say, develop the students more.

Todd: Interesting. OK, so that's the most important thing is the teacher is somewhat demanding and sets high expectations.

Tini: Well, I like teachers who are demanding but of course I give very much respect to teachers who actually care about their students and try to understand their students.

Todd: Right, so they have empathy and understanding.

Tini: Yes.

Todd: Well, what about qualities you don't like in a teacher?

Tini: Qualities I don't like in a teacher? Favorites.

Todd: Favorites.

Tini: Favorites. You know, teacher's pet.

Todd: Right, can you explain teacher's pet?

Tini: Teacher's pet is that, you know, sometimes teachers like one student more than the other students, and then so they give like, I don't know, like more attention to that student, and then they are nicer to that student, or. Yes, sometimes gives better grades. I don't know.

Todd: Do you think that maybe that's just human nature, that all teachers have favorites, or do you think some teachers, no matter what, treat everybody equally?

Tini: Well, I think that it also deals with experience, and you know, the period of time you are engaged teaching activities. I think, probably, initially, like, you know, like teacher, initially are human nature, we all have favorites, like we all have like people who we want to be around with and people who don't want to be around with. That is human nature, I think, but then like, probably, as time goes by, and as experience is gained, I think that, like if I'm a teacher, I think I will gain a more, like objective perspective towards the student and teaching I guess

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sets high expectations


The most important thing is the teacher is somewhat demanding and sets high expectations.

When someone 'sets high expectations,' it means that they demand very good results.

Notice the following:

  1. Going to a good school sets high expectations.
  2. She is a great teacher and she sets high expectations.

teacher's pet


Qualities I don't like in a teacher? Favorites, you know teacher's pet.

A 'teacher's pet' is a name that is given to a pupil who is favored by the teacher.

Notice the following:

  1. She got bullied as she was the teacher's pet.
  2. I would hate to be the teacher's pet. It would be very embarrassing.

human nature


Do you think that maybe that's just human nature, that all teachers have favorites?

'Human nature' means that it is something that is naturally done by people.

Notice the following:

  1. It is human nature to fall in love.
  2. Do you think it is possible to go against human nature?

as time goes by


I think, probably, as time goes by.

'As time goes by' is a phrase that is used to refer to the passing of time.

Notice the following:

  1. As time goes by, I am learning to appreciate classical music.
  2. Do you think, as time goes by, you will become more tolerant of her?

objective perspective


If I'm a teacher, I think I will gain more objective perspective towards the student and teaching.

When you look at something from an 'objective perspective,' it means that you judge it without prejudice or bias.

Notice the following:

  1. I find it very hard to look at things from an objective perspective.
  2. When you write essays you have to write them from an objective perspective. You can't be biased.

Vocabulary Quiz

expectations • teacher's • nature
goes by • perspective
  1. He never had many friends in class, because he was always pet.
  2. Since he is my friend, it's is hard to think about hiring him with an objective .
  3. I think, as time , this whole situation will become easier.
  4. My school is very intense and they have high for the students.
  5. It is human to want people to like us.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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