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New Year's Resolutions

Sabriya and Fred share what promises they will try to make for the new year.
Fred: Hi, Sabriya. So tell me, in Oman do you guys have the same culture, the same traditions as we do? Do you celebrate New Year's?

Sabriya: Yes, we do. It's not one of the big events known in Oman but we do celebrate New Year and we follow the same calendar as you guys do.

Fred: Oh, is that right? So, as New Year's is almost coming soon, do you have any New Year's Resolution?

Sabriya: Well, for the past maybe three or four years I've been trying to have different resolutions but I never manage to stick to them or keep them. However, this year, I think I've made my mind up on a resolution which I plan to keep and that is to limit or actually lessen my phone bill.

Fred: Lessen your phone bill. Wow. I can't imagine how big the phone bill was before if you want to change it.

Sabriya: Oh, my goodness it was so big. I mean, you know, you know how much I love talking on the phone so, yes, it was quite big and I intend to, you know, discipline myself a lot more. So what about you Fred?

Fred: What about my New Year's Resolution?

Sabriya: Yes.

Fred: Wow! My New Year's resolution... I would say more my New Year's resolutions. I have many, but I think I have to focus on one or two of them to make it happen, so number one, I think as many people out there, I would like to quit smoking.

Sabriya: Good for you.

Fred: Thank you very much.

Sabriya: Good for you.

Fred: Will you support me?

Sabriya: Definitely. No doubt about it. I will personally support you.

Fred: Thank you very much for all your support. I think it's gonna be very good for me. Not only because this is bad for my health, but you know, it's just something that I think will give me a lot of confidence if I'm able to to do this, to quit. I will say I am strong and confident in myself and I can do this. Now, my other New Year's resolution would be... I love my grandmother so much, but as I don't live close to her anymore, I feel that I'm losing a bit in my relationship with her, and so I would like to call her every week.

Sabriya: That is very sweet. That is so cute. I think that's something we should all have.

Fred: Thank you very much.

Sabriya: To have grandmothers and mothers and call them all the time.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson!

same as you guys


We follow the same calendar as you guys.

The phrase 'same as you guys' is an informal expression that means the 'same as you'.  Notice the following:

  1. We have the same pollution problems as you guys.
  2. We are going to the same place as you guys.



I've been making different resolutions.

When we make 'New Year's resolutions,' we decide to do something positive or stop doing something negative in the new year.  Notice the following:

  1. I never make resolutions.
  2. My New Year's resolution is to lose weight.

stick to them


I never to stick to them.

To 'stick to something' means to keep doing it, even if it is very difficult.  Notice the following:

  1. I don't make resolutions because I never manage to stick to them.
  2. Once we make resolutions, it's often difficult to stick to them.

made my mind up


I've made my mind up.

To 'make my mind up' means we have made a decision about something.  Notice the following:

  1. I've made my mind up to study Business.
  2. After thinking carefully, he made his mind up.

losing a bit


I feel that I'm losing a bit.

Here, the phrase 'losing a bit' is similar in meeting to 'missing something'.  Notice the following:

  1. I'm losing a bit not spending more time by my family.
  2. He's losing a bit by not practicing English at every opportunity.

Vocabulary Quiz

as you guys • resolutions • stick to
her mind • losing a bit
  1. Are you going to make any this year?
  2. Don't you feel you are by not living near a big city?
  3. He lives in the same neighborhood .
  4. You need to decide on a plan and it.
  5. As soon as she makes up there is no arguing with her.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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