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Santi talks about how her and her sister are always close.

Todd: So, Santi, we're talking about family this week and you have a sister, correct?

Santi: Yes, a sister.

Todd: Now, what's kind of unique about your sister is you both are similar in age and you go to university together, correct?

Santi: Yes, only two years younger than me.

Todd: So, yeah, you are 22?

Santi: Twenty-two.

Todd: She's twenty.

Santi: Yes.

Todd: What's it like going to university with your sister?

Santi: It's kind of like difficult because I have to take care of her, but it's also fun because you can share things with her.

Todd: Yeah, what do you mean, like, you have to take care of her?

Santi: Well, I'm in my fourth year right now, so I'm kind of like ... not busy, so whatever she wants to have for dinner, I have to cook.

Todd: Really, you cook for her?

Santi: Yes. Yes, she's my sister. I'm a good sister.

Todd: That's very nice. So what kind of things to you cook for your sister?

Santi: Basically Chinese food or lunch packets for her, for like tomorrow.

Todd: You make your sister a lunch to take to school?

Santi: Yes.

Todd: That's like a mother.

Santi: Yes.

Todd: Wow. That's care and devotion.

Santi: Well, I said before I'm a good sister.

Todd: Wow. I guess so. Now when you first went to university, did you think your sister would join you - would go to the same university?

Santi: No. I don't think so because, well, she's very good at chemistry and she's also good at science, so I'm hoping that she will go a different directions than me, but, well, I don't know, maybe my mother trusts me, and then my mother led her to me.

Todd: What about similarities and differences? How would you say you and your sister are similar?

Santi: My voice and her voice. It's totally the same.

Todd: Really?

Santi: Yes.

Todd: So if your sister was here doing audio work, I wouldn't be able to tell who was who.

Santi: Yes. It's true.

Todd: Wow.

Santi: Sometimes we like to play with people on the phone. It's kind of like bad but whenever her friends call, I will pretend that I was her.

Todd: Really.

Santi: And vice-versa.

Todd: That is a funny joke. So what is something that's different? Like how are you different? Obviously she's good in science.

Santi: Yeah, and, well, the appearance is different. She has darker skin, and then she's very slim.

Todd: You are very slim, too.

Santi: Thank you.

Todd: Are you the same height?

Santi: No. I'm taller.

Todd: OK. So you really are the big sister.

Santi: Yes, that's true.

Todd: You look down on her.

Santi: Yes. Sometimes.

Todd: So do you guys fight very much, or do you usually get along?

Santi: Uh, during my childhood - yes - but now - no - we just ... well, we know the limits. We know that we are ready beginning to be adults, so I don't think that fight is kind of like popular anymore.

Todd: Right, so you guys are like two peas in a pod.

Santi: Yes.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson

play with people

Sometimes we like to play with people on the phone.

When we play with people that means we are not honest with our actions or words, but in a fun, joking way. Notice the following:

  1. My brother likes to play with me and get me upset.
  2. He is always playing with us. We never know if he is serious or joking around.

look down on

Do you look down on her?

To look down on people means we think we are better or more important than they are.  The meaning is negative.  Notice the following:

  1. People look down on her because of her accent.
  2. They looked down on me because I was a foreigner.

Do you usually get along?

The phrase 'get along' is similar in meaning to 'friendly'.  Notice the following:

  1. My brother and I don't get along. We fight often.
  2. I hate my class because my teacher and I do not get along.

know the limits / know one's limits

We fight sometimes, but we know the limits.

To know our limits means to know how much or how many of something is possible before we must stop.  Notice the following:

  1. I love drinking at parties but I know my limits.
  2. My sisters likes to pick on me but she knows my limits.

two peas in a pod

We are two peas in a pod.

The phrase 'two peas in a pod' compares two people who are in someway the same or similar.  Notice the following:

  1. My father and I love going on fishing trips together. We are like two peas in a pod.
  2. Those two students are always together. They are two peas in a pod.

Vocabulary Quiz

play with • look down on • get along
 the limits • peas in a pod
  1. Some people people who don't have a university education.
  2. We used to our teachers by calling their office phones and acting like parents.
  3. My cousin and I are like two .
  4. I don't know of my own strength.
  5. Do you well with your mother-in-law.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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