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Life in Summer

Aiste and Christophe talks about summer in their countries of Belgium and Lithuania.
Aiste: Hello, Christophe. So what is summer like in Belgium?

Christophe: Well, at first I would like to answer you that summer is much more better than wintertime in Belgium because there is more sunshine, and the days are longer so there is more sunlight during the day, but actually we also have a lot of rain during summer in Belgium, so people are really upset about it, and I think many people also feel really bad about that because there is rain again.

Aiste: Oh, it sounds like it's raining all year long in Belgium. Which season is actually the nicest one?

Christophe: Well, it's true. Belgium is not a country that you should visit because of the weather because the weather is not really that nice in Belgium.

Aiste: So what is actually there to be visited?

Christophe: In summer, it's actually nice to visit Belgium because there are a lot of music festivals. We even have one of the biggest and most famous music festivals in the world, where a lot of famous artists come to sing and a lot of people visit the festival, like over 50,000 people on one day. It's really huge.

Aiste: Do you often go to that festival?

Christophe: I went to that festival when I was younger, but right now I stopped going there. It's too crowded for me. Too many people. Once you get older, then you don't like that anymore. You like to go to more quiet places and smaller festivals. What about you? How is summer like in Lithuania? Is it as cold as in wintertime?

Aiste: Oh, no, it is not very cold. Actually in summer we have plus 30, so it means from winter there's almost 60 degrees change to summer. Further, people are very happy because after the winter and after a very dark period when sun comes out, they feel like the can take just a holiday and everybody has to stop working. Everybody's really happy with the sun getting out of the sky, and it is very popular, especially in July and August. The people take holiday and go to the seaside and spend their time with their families together while swimming and enjoying the sun at the beach, and I really like summer. I think Lithuania looks wonderful in summer, and anybody who goes to Lithuania should visit it only in summer because otherwise you'll won't bring a very good impression out of it.

Learn vocabulary from the lesson


We even have one of the biggest and most famous music festivals.

When we compare two things and the second is surprising, we use the word 'even'.  Notice the following:

  1. Everyone came to the party, even Joe.
  2. I hate all fruits, even strawberries.


Once you get older, then you don't like that anymore.

Here, the word 'once' simply means 'after'.  Notice the following:

  1. Be sure to call me once everyone gets here.
  2. You need to flip the egg once it turns white.

a dark period

After a very dark period when sun comes out.

A dark period is a sad or difficult time.  Notice the following:

  1. Winter in Alaska is a very dark period.
  2. He went through a dark period after his divorce.


We spend time together while swimming and enjoying the sun.

We use 'while' to talk about two things happening at the same time.  Notice the following:

  1. I enjoy drinking coffee while reading the paper.
  2. I always listen to music while exercising.


Visit in summer otherwise you won't get a good impression.

Here, the word 'otherwise' has the same meaning as 'or'.  Notice the following:

  1. You need a jacket otherwise you will get cold.
  2. You need to write this down otherwise you will forget.

Vocabulary Quiz

even • once • dark period
 while • otherwise
  1. you finish the book I want you to tell me what you think.
  2. His junior year in college was a very for him.  He almost never left his bed.
  3. She doesn't eat any sweets, not chocolate.
  4. You need to eat breakfast you will be hungry in a few hours.
  5. you were in the shower I ordered the pizza.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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