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Cheryl talks about her her little know tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean.

Nick: So, I don’t know much about Guam. I’d barely heard of Guam until last year so please, tell me something about it. What’s life like?

Cheryl: Well, most people have never heard about Guam. Most people who do hear about it are mostly Americans and even then most of these Americans that do hear about it, they have family in the military or they know a friend in the military and that’s because Guam is a big US base, a military base.

Guam is a little island in the middle of the Pacific. It’s actually five hours from where you’re from, Nick, five hours from Australia. And it’s about four hours from Hong Kong and three and a half from Japan. So you can kind of gauge based on those numbers just how much in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Guam is. It’s about eighteen miles wide and thirty-two miles long so it’s pretty, pretty small.

Nick: So it’s a part of America?

Cheryl: Yeah, it’s a part of America. The US military base there is actually the biggest in Asia besides the one in Okinawa which is the islands south of Japan.

But it is supposedly the closest US soil...not supposedly, it is the closest US soil to Asia.

Nick: Oh really? And it look like a tropical paradise.

Cheryl: Yeah, it is very much like Hawaii which is an island of the coast of the mainland US. It’s got lots and lots of palm trees, blue waters, and white sand. Lots and lots and lots of water sports are available...scuba diving spots, it’s actually a paradise, I think.

Nick: I definitely want to go.


Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson


imageThey have family in the military.

Military is another word for the army, or the armed forces. The word military includes other branches of the armed forces such as the navy, air force, and the marines. See the examples below:

  1. Recruiters from the military were at our school today to try to get students to join.
  2. I think I would like being in the military if I got to travel a lot.

military base

imageGuam is a big US base, a military base.

A military base is a place with military equipment and housing where the armed forces do training and operations. Read the following examples:

  1. The is a military base in Okinawa, Japan.
  2. There are schools for children of people in the military on many army bases.


imageSo you can kind of gauge just how much in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Guam is.

Gauge, sometimes also spelled “gage”, means to estimate the size or amount of something. A gauge is also a tool such as a speedometer inside a car to see how fast the car is going. See the additional examples below:

  1. I wasn’t able to gauge how tall he was from the pictures.
  2. The gauge was broken so I didn't know the temperature was so high.


imageGuam is the closest US soil to Asia.

Soil, when used in the example above, means land or territory. Literally, soil means dirt. Look at the 2 examples below:

  1. I was so happy to be back on French soil after living in a different country for so long.
  2. Worms are actually very good for the soil because they make it softer.

tropical paradise

imageIt looks like a tropical paradise.

Paradise is a place that is perfect. A tropical paradise is a beautiful place that is sunny, close to the ocean, warm, full of flowers, birds, and fruit. See the examples below:

  1. Adam and Eve lived in the paradise of the Garden of Eden.
  2. I’m sure everyone has dreamed of living in a tropical paradise before.

Vocabulary Quiz

military • base • gauge
soil • paradise
  1. Young people must serve in the in my country .
  2. It is hard to the time when you are having fun.
  3. Tahiti is supposed to be a traveller's .
  4. He lives on the army .
  5. Hong Kong used to be British but now it is part of China.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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