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The Annapurna Trail

Jonathan talks about trekking in Nepal along the famous Annapurna trail.

Todd: So Jonathan, every time I see you, you are coming and going on a new trip, a new adventure. What's your next trip?

Jonathan: I'm about to fly to Nepal to go trekking. I head out to stay at the airport tonight and I'm flying tomorrow morning.

Todd: So, what are you going to do in Nepal? Are you going to go to Katmandu?

Jonathan: I'll be flying into Katmandu and then traveling to a smaller town to begin a trek around the Annapurna Himalayas

Todd: The Annapurna? You're gonna climb the Himalaya's?

Jonathan: Well, it's not climbing in the sense of needing mountaineering experience or special equipment. It's like a very vigorous hike, but it does take an average of 22 or 23 days.

Todd: You're going to go camping for 23 days?

Jonathan: No, you don't need to camp. There are small teahouses, and simple backpacker-type accommodation all along the way. So you can stay there. You don't need to bring a lot of equipment with you.

Todd: That's great. You just walk from teahouse to teahouse?

Jonathan: Yes. There's always people along the paths, so you don't really need a guide or anything. You can't really get lost. You're always meeting other people. And if you decide you get tired a little bit earlier, there are lots of places along the way that you can stay.

Todd: What exactly is a teahouse like?

Jonathan: A teahouse is a very simple accommodation. Maybe the room's have wooden walls that are very thin. Maybe the beds are not very comfortable, but people stop and drink tea along the way. It's just very simple accommodation.

Todd: So, if you want to sleep, it's just just like a little bunk bed?

Jonathan: Usually, you can have a private room which would be vey small. Perhaps the size of your closet or a little larger with a bed and it may only cost about a dollar a night.

Todd: That's pretty cheap.

Jonathan: Yes, it's very cheap to trek in a country like Nepal.

Todd: Well, like how much does it cost to go trekking for 23 days?

Jonathan: I think it will probably cost me a total of about 300 dollars US equivalent. The most expensive thing is the flight to get there in the first place.

Todd: That sound fantastic.


Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

coming and going


Whenever I see you, you are coming and going on a new trip.

When someone is coming and going, that just means they are often going away and then returning. Coming and going can refer to long trips or just frequent appearances. Notice the following:

  1. He's always coming and going on different trips.
  2. Salespeople are often coming and going to the office.

an average of


It takes an average of 22 days.

Here the phrase 'an average of' just means 'about' or 'more or less'. It might take less than 22 days or more than 22 days, so it takes an average of 22 days. Notice the following:

  1. It takes an average of one week to make one car.
  2. It costs an average of 100 dollars to get a room.

along the way


There is simple accommodation along the way.

Here, along the way refers to the places a person will visit or see on their travels. Notice the following:

  1. There are many coffee shops along my way to school.
  2. I hope there are some good shops along the way.

or anything


Do you need a guide or anything?

Here the phrase 'or anything' refers to other things not mentioned. There are many things a person might need, but the speaker could not list them all, so they just say 'or anything' to refer to them. Notice the following:

  1. Would you like some tea or anything?
  2. I didn't talk to Bill or anyone.



It costs 300 dollars US equivalent.

The equivalent of something is the same thing of something but in a different form. For example, the equivalent of 10 kilograms is 22 pounds. Here are some examples:

  1. The bought the equivalent of 20 dollars in French francs.
  2. You will need an ID card such as a drivers license or the equivalent.

Vocabulary Quiz

equivalent • along the way • or anything
an average of • coming and going
  1. There are many lakes .
  2. People are always through the station.
  3. You will need a big car or the to transport all the people.
  4. It takes two hours to get there.
  5. Would you like a magazine to read?
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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