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Jeff talks about surviving a ship accident at sea near the Philippines.

In Part 1 Jeff talks about how is boat sank in the Phillipines. Listen to Part 2 for the second half of the story.

Mike: So Jeff, we were talking previously about your film production and your travel experiences, and have you ever had any bad experiences or any really bad experiences that stand out in your television kind of documentary production?

Jeff: Yes, there's been several --- there's been many small, uncomfortable or scary moments, but I think the pinnacle of that experience came on my birthday maybe three years ago in the Philippines Sea.

Mike: Wow!

Jeff: And we were shooting a television documentary in the Souther Philippines and its a developing country, so the standards for safety are a little bit lower, than a developed country like America or Japan, so we were on a boat. We had charted a boat to go across the Philippines Sea from one island to another, and just after dusk at night.

Mike: You were doing like a film shoot?

Jeff: Yeah, we were filming down there for two weeks in the Southern Philippines, and we charted this boat so we had all out gear. We had our camera crew. We had everything on the boat going from one island to another, and just after dusk. after it had got dark, the boat sank.

Mike: Wow! You lost everything?

Jeff: We lost everything, but at that moment nothing really mattered. No physical possession, or none of the film that we had shot over the last week. Nothing. It was just --- you were just worried about living, so everything else went out the window, so I was just thinking about I have to stay alive. I have to live through this.

Mike: And I"m assuming, you did stay alive.

Jeff: I'm still alive.

Mike: That's a bonus.

Jeff: One of my nine lives is gone, or maybe two of them or three of them, but yeah.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson



The pinnacle of that experience came on my birthday.

The pinnacle of something is the highest point or most noted example of something. Note the following:

  1. Winning the world cup was the pinnacle of his career.
  2. Earning a PhD is the pinnacle achievement in education.



We were shooting a series.

When you shoot a film or movie, that means you are filming it. Note the following:

  1. They are shooting a movie downtown.
  2. We need to reshoot that last scene.



We left just after dusk.

Dusk is the period between daylight and nightfall where there is some light but not much. Dusk happens in the afternoon. Dawn happens in the morning. Note the following:

  1. The mother called her children into the house at dusk.
  2. There is light, but no visible sun at dusk.

out the window


Everything went out the window.

When something goes out the window, that means it is no longer possible or important because of new circumstances. Note the following:

  1. As soon as their best player got hurt, their chance of winning went out the window.
  2. I was going to be a musician, but then I got married and that went out the window.

nine lives


One of my nine lives is gone.

We sometimes joke that people, like cats, have nine lives, and that if we escape danger, we use one of our extra lives. Note the following:

  1. You need nine lives to be a firefighter.
  2. That cat has already used up five lives. Only four more left.

Vocabulary Quiz

pinnacle • shoot • dusk
out the window • nine lives
  1. Our plans went as soon I lost my job.
  2. They will a TV drama downtown next week.
  3. There are lots of bugs out at .
  4. That cat has .
  5. Being CEO is the of success.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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