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Mad and Embarrassed

Vella talks with Daniel about two times she expressed strong emotions about an event in her life.

Daniel: Hey, Vella, how are you?

Vella: I'm good. How are you?

Daniel: I'm fine thanks. Is there, like do you remember any time where you've been really sad or angry or embarrassed?

Vella: Yeah. Actually it happened before I came here. I had a huge fight with my father, dad, and yeah we had a disagreement about something and I, well I had a disagreement with my aunt which is my dad's sister and my dad just kind of took her side instead of my side and I was really disappointed in him and I lost my temper and I started hitting the window and it kind of broke and my dad was...

Daniel: Wait a minute. You broke the window because you were angry?

Vella: I did.

Daniel: OK.

Vella: I really lost my, you know, control and my dad he started crying and, you know, seeing him cry was really, you know, painful.

Daniel: Wow. I didn't know you were that kind of person that could break a window.

Vella: You know when I lose my temper, I tend to do, you know, things that are out of control but yeah.

Daniel: But what was the whole argument about? Do you think it would have that result like where you break a window because of an argument with your dad?

Vella: Well, I think it was just because I was really disappointed that he took, you know, my aunt's side instead of my side.

Daniel: Hm, hm.

Vella: And he was saying stuff like, you know, it's all my fault and, you know, he was really disappointed in me so I was really sad that he said that and, yeah, I lost my temper and started hitting.

Daniel: OK, how about being embarrassed? Do you remember any time where you were really embarrassed?

Vella: Yeah, I think in high school. So there's this guy I have a huge crush on and I was walking down the stairs and, you know, he saw me and, you know, I was acting like awkwardly and there was a big plant in front of me and I didn't see it because I was, you know, too busy looking at him and I kind of tripped over and it was really embarrassing and everyone was laughing and that guy, you know, saw me.

Daniel: That's the worse thing.

Vella: Falling like in front of your crush, I think that will be really embarrassing.

Daniel: OK, what did you do afterwards?

Vella: Well I just acted cool, you know, and said I'm fine and just left.

Daniel: Wow, that must be really difficult?

Vella: Because I was trying to, you know, look pretty as I walked down the stairs and I didn't see the plant in front of me.

Daniel: So after that did you ever get that guy to like you?

Vella: Well actually he, you know, he came up to me and he was asking if I was OK and we ended up exchanging numbers.

Daniel: So that was a success?

Vella: Yeah, it was a success.

Daniel: OK, that's pretty good.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

a huge fight


I had a huge fight with my father.

A 'huge fight' is a large argument. Notice the following:

  1. She's sad today, because she had a huge fight with her boyfriend last night.
  2. I had to go for a run, because we had a huge fight.

take a side


My dad took her side instead of my side.

When you 'take a side' in a debate or argument, you agree with one side and support the person with that point of view. Notice the following:

  1. You always take her side.
  2. I prefer not to take a side in arguments like this.

lose my temper


I lost my temper and I started hitting the window

You 'lose your temper' when you lose control of your anger and your emotions explode. Notice the following:

  1. If you lose your temper, he will stop listening to you.
  2. I have something to tell you if you promise not to lose your temper.

out of control


I tend to do things that are out of control.

If you do something that is 'out of control,' it is something that you can't control that is crazy and not expected or accepted by society. Notice the following:

  1. After a few hours, the party just got out of control.
  2. You need to go to bed. You are completely out of control right now.



It's all my fault

Something that is 'your fault' happens because of you and something that you did. Notice the following:

  1. Whose fault is it that the vase was broken?
  2. It is my friend's fault that we are late today.

Vocabulary Quiz

fight • take a side • temper
control • fault
  1. Don't make me lose my .
  2. She can get really out of when she gets angry.
  3. Sometimes it's hard not to in arguments.
  4. He tries to say that everything he does wrong is actually his sister's .
  5. They had a huge about who does more around the house.
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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