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Chilean Movie

Daniel talks about a popular movie from Chile and why he liked watching it.

Vella: So, Daniel, we're talking about movies.

Daniel: Uh, uh.

Vella: Do you have any favorite Chilean movie?

Daniel: Well, yeah. Actually Chilean movies are quite, we're making a lot of movies recently but this one movie I really liked. It's quite old, probably ten years ago, it's called El Chacotero Sentimental. It's really difficult to explain that in English but it was based on a radio show. There was every week from Monday to Friday from two to four pm, there was a radio show so people would call to the host of this radio show and they would explain their problems related to love, family, friends, whatever, and it became really popular. Everyone was listening to this, this show and some of those stories were absolutely brilliant and you could hear like any kind of stories, like really sad stories or really funny stories. And for the movie they took three of them, well three, they made three stories and they took elements from real stories that they were told during the show.

So the first one, for example, it's about a guy who move from the countryside to, into Santiago, and he was having an affair with a neighbor and he was caught by her husband and her husband was the police. He was a policeman so all the, it was really funny to watch it, but at the same time like everyone knew that kind of stuff happened so it was funny but at the same time kind of, you know, like come on that's a really, really big problem.

The second story was a bit sad. It was about a family who had problems. They had a lot of problems during their childhood so and all the traumas and all the problems it creates and you take when you have problems in childhood.

And the third one, it's a really, really funny story. It's about a young couple. They were really poor but how they lived, the love, and how they live their cut(?02:11) lives.

So all the stories, like the stories all together, talk about how Chilean people, they live, their love, how they act as couples, so it became really, really famous in Chile.

Vella: That sounds really interesting. I would love to watch it.

Daniel: Actually there's a version with English subtitles so any time.

Vella: I have one question though.

Daniel: Hm, hm.

Vella: Have you ever called the house and maybe tell them that you're sorry?

Daniel: No, but, no I never did but I think one of my friends, because everyone listened to the shows, so you can see and you can hear that. LIke I know that story or I know something similar so it might be one of my friends I don't know.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson

radio show


My favorite move was based on a radio show.

A 'radio show' is a program you can listen to on the radio that has a specific theme and schedule. Notice the following:

  1. People don't listen to radio shows as much as they used to.
  2. This is a political radio talk show.



People would call in to the host, and they would explain their problems related to love.

The 'host' of a radio program is the person who leads the discussion on the radio. Notice the following:

  1. Who is hosting the award show this year?
  2. This program just got a new host last week.



He was having an affair with his neighbor, and he was caught by her husband.

When you have an 'affair,' you have a romantic relationship with someone other than your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Notice the following:

  1. Could you forgive your husband if he had an affair?
  2. They got a divorce after he found out that his wife was having an affair.



It shows all the traumas and the problems it creates when you have problems in your childhood.

A 'trauma' is a bad experience that has a long-term affect on you. Notice the following:

  1. The whole thing was a very traumatic experience for such a young person to go through.
  2. It can be very hard to get over the trauma of a bad car accident.



Actually, there's a version with English subtitles, so any time.

A 'version' of something is a particular form of something that is a little bit different than other forms. Notice the following:

  1. I prefer the live version of this song.
  2. This is a different version of this game than we play at home.

Vocabulary Quiz

radio shows • host • affairs
traumas • version
  1. Alex Trebek has been the of the game show Jeopardy for almost 30 years.
  2. This must be a different of the book, because I don't have the same page numbers as you.
  3. Kids used to listen to on Saturdays instead of watching cartoons on television.
  4. He still experiences from growing up during a war.
  5. It's common for traveling businessmen to have .
Answer the following questions about the interview.

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