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Colombian Food

Felipe talks about various foods from his native country of Colombia.

Katia: Hello Felipe, how are you?

Felipe: Hello, Katherine, I'm fine, you?

Katia: Good. Actually I'm starving and I wanted to ask you about food. What is your favorite Colombian food?

Felipe: Well, in Colombia we have many, many different kinds of food but something that I would recommend you to eat is the bandeja. Bandeja paisa is a traditional Colombian food and it's made out of meat, fried meat, potatoes. You would also have salad, rice, corn and some sausages. That's really, really delicious. That's something I recommend you to try.

Katia: Bandeja. I have heard of it. What about something else? Maybe do you have soups in Colombia.

Felipe: Yeah, you're right. We have many different kinds of soups in Colombia because in Colombia there are many different kinds of potatoes and corn. So, for example, if you travel to the center, the central part of Colombia, if you travel to the capital Bogot·, you will find a soup called ajijaco. Ajijaco is composed of potatoes, corn, some cream and also some meat. You know, it's quite delicious.

Katia: It sounds delicious. Now you said that there are many different types of potatoes. What do you mean different types of potatoes?

Felipe: Yeah, what I mean is that there are different size of potatoes. You have big potatoes, you have small potatoes and they taste different also. You have sweet ones, you have sour ones and you have many different kind of taste.

Katia: It really sounds delicious. What about drinks? What would you recommend as a Colombian drink?

Felipe: Well, if you go to Colombia you should try Colombian juices because we have different kinds of fruits in the Amazon region, in the highlands and in the coastal region. So, for example, there is a fruit called guanabana. Now guanabana is a delicious fruit and I don't think there's something like that fruit somewhere else in the world so you have to try. Its taste is different, it's delicious. It's a traditional Colombian fruit.

Katia: Hmm, guan·bana. Definitely I'm going to try. Thank you Felipe.

Felipe: OK, you're welcome.

Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson



Actually, I'm starving, and I wanted to ask you about food.

Here, 'starving' means really, really hungry, but literally starving means that you are dying from not having enough food to eat. Notice the following:

  1. I need to eat something now. I'm starving, and I'm getting a headache.
  2. You haven't eaten all day? You must be starving.



If you travel to the central part of Colombia, you will find a soup called ajijaco.

The 'central' part of a country is the part right in the middle. It is not close to any of the borders with other countries. Notice the following:

  1. Most of the people live in the central part of the country, because that is where the weather is the best.
  2. He is from the central region, so he has a unique accent.

Amazon region


We have different kinds of fruits in the Amazon region.

The 'Amazon region' of Colombia is the part of the country that is very close to the Amazon river. Notice the following:

  1. There are many unusual insects in the Amazon region.
  2. We are taking a trip to the Amazon region of Brazil.



Coffee is grown in the highlands

The 'highlands' of a country are the areas that have mountains or a higher elevation. Notice the following:

  1. People from the highlands are very different than people from the coast.
  2. Is it much cooler in the highlands?

coastal region


There is a lot of fish in the traditional food in the coastal region.

The 'coastal region' is the part of the country next to the ocean. Notice the following:

  1. I grew up in the coastal region of the country, so I'm used to being close to the ocean.
  2. This is a very popular drink in the coastal region.

vocab goes here

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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