Game - SixPix #18 | Beginner 2

Christmas Traditions

What items does the speaker mention?
Let's talk about things associated with Christmas. The first thing are ornaments. Now ornaments are like little balls and you put them on the Christmas tree. They're very light. They break very easily. They come in all colors: red, gold, silver, and you put ornaments on your tree to give it decoration.

Next is the poinsettia. The poinsettia is a flower. It's a beautiful red flower. And it's kind of a winter flower, actually. I don't know if it's just specific for Christmas, but you happen to see a lot of poinsettias around Christmas time. People like to decorate their office buidlings, schools or living rooms with poinsettias, so it's a popular flower for Christmas.

Most important for children is the stocking. Now the stocking is basically, it's supposed to be a huge sock that people, that children, put on the fireplace for Santa to put their gifts. Now if the children are good, when they wake up their stocking will be full. If the children are bad when they wake up, they'll be nothing in their stocking, so that's why children tend to be good at Christmas time.

Next is Tinsel. Now tinsel is something that you put on the tree, or around the tree. It's like, usually it's green or silver or gold and it's really light and it kind of looks a little but like the tree and it's like a string of material and you wrap it around the tree to give it color and make it bright.

Speaking of putting things around, next is wrapping. You have to have wrapping for the presents, so wrapping is just basically the paper that you wrap around the gifts to hide what is inside, and then of course you have the ribbon or the bow that you put on it. The ribbon is what's tied around the wrapping, and the the bow is like the knot or the little flower-like thing you put on the top, to make it tight so people have to open it to get the gift.

Next I'm going to talk about the wreath. Now the wreath is something that you put on the door. It's round and it's kind of hollow in the middle. It's like a big donut, actually, or a big tire, and usually people put it on their front door, but you can put it in other places and the Christmas wreath is a very nice addition to the house.

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