News Center

Watch short animated news segments. Take a quiz and read the script as you go. Audio and transcript provided.

News #1 Oil Spill
News about an oil spill, a theft, a long walk, taxes and a new book.
News #2 Lost Baby
News about a baby, an explosion, a school, a play, and a pigeon.
News #3 Dogs
News about dogs, trains, water, a prize, sports, and weather.
News #4 Town Attack
News about an attack, pubs, a flood, a walk, shopping and weather.
News #5 Bus Crash
News about a crash, a parade, a butterfly, a criminal, and apples.
News #6 Earthqauke
News about an earthquake, books, health, shoppers and more.
News #7 Zoo Elephant
News about an elephant, a farm, a pub, a charity, and bikes.

News #8 Bad Fall
News about a bad fall, car theft, airfares, pets and college students.

News #9 TV Contest
News about a TV show, a holdup, a church, pollution and more.
News #10 Dinosaurs
News stories about a dinosaurs, energy, weather and more.
News #11 Marathon
News stories about a big race, a band, a soup scare, sheep, and the weather.
News #12 Skin Cancer
News stories about skin cancer, a boy, a car wash, slugs, schools, and the weather.
News #13 Temple
News stories about a temple, phones, a bus ride, animals, vegetables, and weather.
News #14 Train Crash
News Stories about a crash, sleep, ice skating, orange juice, golf, and weather.
News #15 The Baby
News stories about a baby, milk, transport, computers, a restaurant, and the weather.
News #16 College Students
News stories about students, an exibition, housing, schooling, a roberry, and weather.
News #17 Memory contest
News stories about memory, clothes, dogs, a bean bath, heart disease, and weather.
News #18 France
News stories about France, a documentary, nurses, schools, a wedding, and weather.
News #19 Recycling
News stories about recycling, the economy, a fire, health, coffee, and the weather.
News #20 Bad Bugs
News stories about insects, gambling, a shark, school, fireworks, and the weather.
News #21 Car Plates
News stories about a pig, an accident, car plates, an old tree, time, and weather.
News #22 Pumpkins
Stories about the President, Halloween, running, pumpkins, art and a hurricane.
News #23 New Car
Stories about a new car model, wind power, kayak tours, cats, and microwaves.
News #24 New Player
Stories about a new MP3 player, fruit, trees, computer chips, and a car service.
News #25 College Graduates
Stories about college, a meeting, snow, tourism, smoking, and video games.
News #26 Busted
Stories about four debatable topics: cars,
smoking, pictures, and couples.