Game - SixPix #20 | Beginner 2

Money Matters

Why does this man have money problems?
In today's game I'm gonna tell you a story about money.

imageThere was this guy and he really liked this girl and he thought maybe he was even gonna marry her, buy her a diamond ring. But the problem was, he was broke. He didn't even have a dollar. So his girlfriend was like, "Hmm mm. No money, no honey."

imageSo, he was trying to figure out how he could get his hands on some cash. He thought well he could get a credit card but credit cards have such a high interest rate that that's not helping anyone. So he figured the best way was to head over to the bank and try to borrow some money.

imageSo it turns out the interest rates at the bank were nearly as high as on a credit card so he decided no I'm not gonna deal with these loan sharks, "I'm gonna stay away from that." But while he was at the bank, he met up with one of his old friends who offered him a job. So he got this great job, he works for like a month. Next thing you know he's rolling in cash and he's ready to go meet the girl again.

imageNow, he's not a stingy guy at all. He got the money and he's like, "alright I'm gonna take this girl out, I'm gonna get her back." He takes her out, they go to dinner, they go to the movies, they go to Hawaii over the weekend and he goes all out. Then finally he gets the bill for everything. He looks at the bill and he's like, "What?! This is a rip-off man!"

imageSo since he can't take any more money and he's still not gonna fall for the credit card trap, then there is nothing left to do but work overtime. Put in extra hours at the office.

imageAnd the sad ending to the story is even though he puts in extra he still doesn't end up with extra cash because all the extra cash goes right to the government--it goes right to the tax man.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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