Game - SixPix #24 | Beginner 2

Moving Stuff

What items is the speaker giving away?

I got a bunch of stuff I got to give away so I hope you can use it. I'm moving and I need to get rid of some stuff.

First I need to get rid of my bicycle. It's a really old bike. Actually, my grandmother gave it too me, and it's got like the low bar on it, it's actually a women's bike. It's not a men's bike, so I never ride it so, if anybody wants a bike, a nice red bike, it's yours.

Also, I've got tons of books. Actually, I have an encyclopedia set. A couple Christmases ago, my grandfather gave me some encylopedias, but I've never read them, so they're pretty nice, you know, they got titles on the side, and they're kind of like a brownish color, or a dark color, but they're good books.

Also I got a chair I need to give away, so actually, it's a really nice chair. It's got a big soft cushion. This is a perfect chair for a desk. It's really expensive, actually. This was also a gift. I just don't have room for it in my new place, so if you need a chair for an office, this is the perfect chair.

Also, I got a phone. It's kind of an old-style phone, you know. It's not too old. I mean, you know, it's got blinking lights and things like that and it's a pretty modern phone, but it's just old-style and and I never use it so, if you need a phone, you know, it's yours. I think it has a built-in answering machine, so it's a pretty good deal.

I also got this rug. Actually, a friend gave me this rug. He went on some trip and it's, I don't know, it's not my style. It's got a really bright pattern on it. It's kind of pinkish or, I don't know, rose-colored or something and it has really big graphics on it, like a really thick design, really it's not for me so if you need that, feel free.

Lastly, I got a television, and it's pretty old. You know, it's so old, it doesn't even have a remote control. Can you believe that? No remote control, but it works. It's not broken if you need a, you know, a tv for the bedroom or something. Anyway, if you want any of this stuff, please come by my house. I got to get rid of it, so thanks.

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