Game - SixPix #26 | Beginner 2


What animal does the speaker mention?

Nobody like this animal because they bite. Now, it's not the worst bite in the world but the problem with their bite is that it makes you itch after they bite you. Some people get a red spot and they itch for days.

On the other hand, most people love this animal because they think it's so cute. They love to eat leaves and plants. They're vegetarians and these small little animals are sometimes kept as pets.

This animal is an amphibian which means that it can live in both water and on land. It looks like it has wings but I don't think it can fly and I also don't think it could climb a tree.

I don't know if they have these birds where you live but I've seen them in California quite a bit. They're ocean birds and they love to dive straight into the water with their long beak first and they catch fish. They are very large birds with a wide wing span and a super long beak.

This animal looks dangerous but in fact, it's pretty harmless and a lot of people keep them as pets even. They're pretty lazy animals. They like to sit around in the sun. They're reptiles. I think they can swim. I'm not sure but I think they can swim too.

There are a lot of childrens books written about these insects because they go through so many changes in their life. When they're born they are very small and they love to eat and eat and eat and get big and fat. And eventually they'll be able to fly but this one can't fly yet.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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