Game - SixPix #27 | Beginner 2

Name the Sign

What sign does the speaker mention?

OK, if you see this sign you should be extra careful. You don't have to stop, you can keep going but you really need to keep your eyes open and be aware because there may be some large animals that want to cross the road.

Now just like the last one, when you see this sign, you don't have to stop, you can keep going but you should slow down because it's a warning that the road is going to be a little more dangerous up ahead. But depending on your car, if you have a very sporty car like a Porche or a maybe a Lambourgini --some really hot sports car like that, then maybe you don't need to slow down too much. Your car will do just fine. But you should be careful because it is a little more dangerous.

Ok now, you still don't have to stop for this unless you see one of them coming up from the side of the road. So you should be very careful if you see this sign because if you crashed into one of these you could end up dead because they are very large and if they crash through the windshield, it could crush you and your passengers.

I told you could keep going but this time, you're going to have to hold back. I don't want you to keep going because when you see this sign you are not allowed to go there. You can't pass that line or else you will be in big trouble.

Now this sign is good news because whoever put this sign out in front of their business means that they need workers. And it's time for you to get a job so you should go talk to them and see if they'll give you a job.

Some people can park here. If you have a wheelchair then you can definitely park here. And if you have maybe some other special needs like some people have injuries, maybe a broken leg or also the elderly (old people) can also park there. But if you don't have any of those special needs then don't even think of parking here.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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