Game - SixPix #28 | Beginner 2

Could you do me a favor?

What favors does the speaker ask?

Favor #1

Can you do me a favor, I don't get my check in the mail until the end of this month. So I was wondering if I can borrow a couple dollars until then.

Favor #2

Would you mind writing this for me? I'm good at typing up --- my handwriting is terrible, and this needs to be handwritten.

Favor #3

Can you call to the service station for me please? I wrote down all the information you need on this paper. It's just that I get so nervous when I'm not talking in person.

Favor #4

Would you guys mind turning that down? It's way too loud, and I can't get to sleep.

Favor #5

You're going to have to hurry because it'll leave without us if you'd late.

Favor #6

Could you call and ask when they are going to come and fix this thing. It's been broken for almost a month.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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