Game - SixPix #29 | Beginner 2

Talking Cars

What does the speaker mention about the cars?

I don't know what happened today. Usually, the traffic is fine, but today, it was bumper to bumper. There must have been an accident because the weather was perfect.

Yeah, you to be really careful in this area, otherwise you'll get pulled over by the cops.

Don't take the road that goes through downtown because you run into too much traffic. It's better to take a road that goes through all the tunnels. It looks like it's longer on the map must, I guarantee you. It's the fastest way.

It's not so hard to get here. It's easy. Just take the freeway and be careful to follow the signs so that can get off on the right exit.

The steering wheels on these old cars are so big. I guess they made them like this because they didn't have power steering back then.

I don't like to drive at night because my eyesight isn't so good and everything looks blurry.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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