Game - SixPix #31 | Beginner 2

Baby Toys

What toys does the speaker mention?

Let's talk about the little baby. The baby's so cute. (OK, just joking) Anyway, let's talk about things that babies have.

First of all, the pacifier. OK, the pacifier is something to pacify the baby, to keep it quiet. You put the pacifier in it's mouth and the baby sucks on the pacifier and it keeps it quiet. Babies like to suck and chew on the pacifier

Next is the crib.The crib is where the baby sleeps. So you put the baby in the crib to sleep and the crib is usually off the ground and it has four walls so the baby cannot fall out. So that's the crib.

Next is the rubber ducky. I love the rubber ducky, so the rubber ducky is a little duck and you put it in the bathtub and the baby can play with it and squeeze it. It's pretty cool.

Next is the nipple. Now the nipple is what the baby sucks on it gets milk, when it gets food, and the nipple for a bottle is rubber, usually yellow, and you put it on the bottle and that's how the baby drinks its milk.

Next up is the stroller. So the stroller is for when the baby goes outside. So if the mother takes the baby outside, she can put the baby in the stroller and push the baby around when she goes for a walk.

The last one is stuffed animal. So all babies love a stuffed animal and usually it's a little teddy bear or rabbit or something like that so it's a little animal made of cloth and it's very soft and babies like to hold it.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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