Game - SixPix #34 | Beginner 2

Winter Snow

What picture does the speaker mention?

We are going to play Slap Game. In the first picture, it looks like it's a beautiful day. I see a big blue sky and I see lots of snow and I can't see any trees and I don't see any people, so I pretty much can only see the top of snow capped mountain and the sky.

In this next picture, I can see a lot of trees - many, many trees - and there is a lot of snow and it's a clear day, though, it's not snowing. There's blue skies in the background and I think there are some people that are skiing in the shadow of a tree, it looks like.

This next picture is pretty romantic because we have the big moon setting over the mountain top with the trees in front of it creating a silouette effect. And we have the snow-capped mountain in the foreground. It looks really beautiful.

This next picture is a panoramic view. Panoramic means very wide, so you can see a lot of land in the picture. Way in the back, you can see mountains and then below you can see lots of trees and some snow on the ground and it looks like it's a pretty beautiful day cause there are blue skies above.

In this picture this guy is having a lot of fun. There is just a picture of a man and he is going down a ski slope and I don't see any trees or anything. It's pretty much just this one person and he looks to be having a good time.

In this next picture, it's not really of nature. It looks like it is of a town, or a village, and I see a snow mobile and I see the street and some buildings, so maybe it's a ski resort or something like that.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

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