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Good evening, and welcome to the 10 o'clock news. Tonight's top story:

Health officials are warning people nationwide about the dangers of skin cancer once again this month. Free bottles of suncream are being given out in schools and doctors' surgeries, and are also available through the health website. Cases of skin cancer dropped by 3% last year, and it is hoped that this trend will continue.

A three year old boy has been found wandering the streets of the city. The boy, who is currently being cared for by social workers, is said to be content, but has, as yet, not spoken to them or revealed his name. No missing children have been reported. Anyone who has further information is being asked to contact police.

A new car washing service is in operation in the city this week. The service includes a full valet, wash and polish for a mere five pounds. The catch? Whilst waiting, car owners will be led into a purpose built amusement arcade in order that they can gamble away all of their money.

A man who discovered a slug in his salad in a local takeaway has been awarded compensation. The 53 year old man had originally threatened to sue the takeaway, but a private arrangement has been made out of court.

A new scheme has begun in schools nationwide to encourage children to write more letters. Education officials are worried about the frequency of emails and text messages which young people send now, and the effect that that will have on their written English. The scheme has cost the government over a billion pounds.

And now for the weather. Tomorrow should be bright with sunny spells in the morning. In the afternoon a warm front should sweep up from the south, and top temperatures will be 25 degrees. Don't forget your sunscreen! That's all from us for now. See you tomorrow.