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Good evening. This is the ten o'clock news. The main news tonight is:

Pupils at a city centre school are heading off on an exchange to France this week. Twenty five students will fly to Nice for a week, and stay with host families, whose children will also visit our city the following week. Bon voyage to you!

A TV documentary is to take place in the city, in which the lives of different people in the area are followed. So far programme makers have revealed that these people include an 85 year old clubber and a 14 year old who only eats bread. Looks like it could be interesting!

There will be a strike by nurses in the local hospital next Monday, after disagreements over working conditions. The men and women, all from the same union, are protesting at the long hours they are expected to work.

Schools are considering bringing back corporal punishment, according to the government. One school on the outskirts of the city has piloted this scheme, and has found that behavioural problems have decreased to almost zero.

The prime minister's daughter is getting married next week. Anyone who wishes to pay their respects and wish the happy couple well is invited to line the streets at noon on Thursday. She will pass by in a horse and cart.

Tomorrow's weather looks grey and cloudy for much of the day, although it should stay dry throughout the day. Top temperatures are expected to reach 10 degrees. Thank you for watching. See you tomorrow.