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Good evening, and welcome to the ten o'clock news. On tonight's news:

New registration plates are going to be introduced nationwide next week. The plates will be similar to the existing plates, but with the addition of the owner's postcode so that car owners can be traced more easily.

Scientists believe they have found the world's most intelligent pig. Betsy the pig, who belongs to a farming family in the south of the city, is said to have an IQ of 89. She can choose what she wants to eat from pictures and do simple mathematics.

A forty eight year old man has been injured after he fell into a pond on Thursday. The man was walking with his dog when he tripped over a stone, causing both him and his dog to suffer hypothermia in the freezing water. Both he and his dog are doing well.

A tree in Central Park is thought to be the oldest tree in the country, it was revealed yesterday. The tree, which is currently being supported by a metal frame, is over a thousand years old according to the rings on its trunk.

Finally, don't forget to change your clocks tonight! Today is the last day of summertime, so put your clocks back an hour tonight. It might start getting darker, but at least you will have an extra hour in bed!

Tomorrow is expected to be stormy all day with gusts of 10 miles per hour. Police are warning residents not to go camping and to stay indoors as much as possible.

That's all we've got time for tonight. See you again tomorrow.