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Welcome to the six o'clock news.

The President will be in town today to discuss his new national health plan with local officials. The plan has received criticism nation wide for not dealing with health care and the homeless.

Protests have erupted over the new art objects that adorn city hall. Critics say the art is of low quality and is a waste of taxpayers' money. Protestors are demanding that all new art works must pass a vote before the city can spend money on them. Artists call the protestors' demands “outrageous.”

There will be a Halloween Party at the Civic Center tonight. The party is open to the public and is expected to draw over 8,000 participants. Admission is $5 and prizes will be awarded for best costume.

Farmers are reporting on a shortage of pumpkins this year. The poor pumpkin crop is being blamed on heavy rains this summer and unusually hot autumn temperatures. As a result, grocery stores predict record prices for pumpkins this fall.

This week the city marathon will take place. In an unusual move, race officials are warning runners of the dangers of drinking too much water. In recent years, more runners have become sick from drinking too much water, rather than too little water. More information on the topic will be presented to races the day of the event.

A hurricane is approaching this weekend and all city residents are advised to head inland until the storm passes over this weekend. The storm is currently, a category 3, but officials fear it may rise to a category 4. Five people were killed last year in a category 3 hurricane.