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Hello, and welcome to the newest addition of ELLLO news.

In today's top story, Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft and the richest man in the world, may soon become even richer. Microsoft has announced its plans to offer mp3 music downloads that will compete with Apple's iTunes. The new service will be called “Urge” which means to really want something.

The fresh fruit that you buy may not be as fresh as you thought. A recent study found that apples, strawberries, and kiwis were stored on shelves for up to a year. The food is edible but the taste and nutritional value is less than fresh fruit.

A woman in Vancouver was found guilty for poisoning several trees that were located in front of her ocean-side condominium in the famous Stanley Park. She wanted to improve the view so she decided to “get rid of them”. The court ordered her to pay C$50,000 to replace the trees.

Do you ever forget your keys or your computer password? The solution may be to get a computer chip installed in your hand. The new device is smaller than a grain of rice. It can scan data from a computer or interact with remote sensors so you can open your door with a magic wave of your hand.

A valet parking business in Beverly Hills California is booming. Instead of hiring young men to park the cars of rich people, the valet parking is done by sexy women wearing bikinis, miniskirts, or lingerie. The company plans to expand to Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Phoenix.