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Hello and welcome to the latest addition of ELLLo News.

The number of students graduating from universities in the United States has increased dramatically over the past year. The increase is due to the large number of students who graduated from online universities. Internet based courses allow more people who have jobs to take classes at convenient times.

In Kuala Lumpur, Leaders of sixteen countries held the first East-Asia summit. The leaders met Wednesday in the Malaysian capital to plan for a united future. They agreed to create a group that will work together to improve economic security and political conditions in Asia.

Another day of heavy snow, has kept schools and businesses closed for two days. Road clearing teams are working around the clock trying to make the road safe for drivers. More snow is expected this evening.

Law makers in Dallas, Texas ruled that smoking will soon be banned from all public places. Smoking will even be prohibited in locations where alcoholic drinks are served. Many restaurant and bar owners fear that they will lose customers because of the new law.

A recent survey asked kids how many hours a day they typcially spend playing computer games. The average was 2.5 hours. The same children responded that they spend only 30 minutes doing homework assignments.

One of the regions in Thailand that was hit badly by the tsunami reports that business is again booming. Many of the hotels have been rebuilt and this years tourist season was filled with travellers looking for fun in the sun.

Those are the top stories for this week. We'll see you next week on ELLLO News.