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(Talking on phone)

Yeah, so he was pretty pissed off when I told him, he was like, whatever dude, you know...Huh! Oh, we're on. Oh, we're running. Sorry.

Welcome to another addition of News Center.

In-car satellite navigation systems can be extremely useful but they can also be dangerous. Many motorists lose concentration and become distracted while entering or reading information in their navigation systems. While traveling at 60 miles per hour, a car travels the length of two football fields in just 10 seconds so even a short time of not paying attention can be very significant. car sound "Whew! Close call."

A 52 year old man from Germany attemped to get a refund for what he told police was "bad marijuana". The man was dissatisfied because he said that the 200 grams of marijuana that he bought for 400 euros was unusable. Instead of helping the man to get his money back from his drug dealer, police arrested the man for being in violation of Germany's drug possession laws.

Cell phones with cameras are now used widely used in funeral ceremonies in Japan. Some people think that using a cell phones to capture a photograph of the dead is disrespectful but other believe that it is just a symbol of the modern world we live in. "Ok, on three, say cheese. Don't move! One, two, three! Oops! I think you blinked."

A study has found that many Japanese couples who go on cruises or overseas trips together end up getting divorced when they get home. The reason is that many Japanese men spend long hours working away from the home and are not used to spending so much time with their wives. On a cruise ship, the couple often spends many days or even weeks in close company and statistic show that the extended time together is often enough to destroy the relationship.