Beginner English | Level A1 Lesson 21A | There is / There are

Tell me about your Town!

Listen to Sarah talk with John about her hometown and what people can do there.

John: So Sarah, what can you tell me about your hometown?

Sarah: My hometown. Well, my hometown is called Eau Claire, Wisconsin. And it's a really great city.

There are about 80,000 people. There are lots of things to do. There are three movie theatres. I love to watch movies.

John: Me too.

Sarah: There's lots of shopping. You can find anything you want there. There are a lot of malls and stores.

John: Are there many restaurants?

Sarah: Yes. The thing I like is you can eat any type of food. There are Chinese restaurants and Korean restaurants, Italian restaurants. There is a big variety of restaurants, and they're all good.

John: That sounds great. What about parks? Are there many places to see nature in your town?

Sarah: Yes. We have a lot of rivers, and lakes and hills. My hometown has four seasons. So in summer, it's great because there are lots of lakes to swim in, lots of forests to play in. In winter, there is a lot of snow. So you can go ice skating or ice fishing or even skiing.

John: Wow. That sounds really fun.

Sarah: Yeah. It's a really nice city. It's also really safe. There are lots of nice people there.

John: Good. Is there much to do at night?

Sarah: Well, maybe, maybe not. There's not many things to do at night. There aren't any nightclubs. There aren't many bars. So actually, maybe there isn't much night life.

John: That's okay. It sounds like a nice place to have a family.

Sarah: Yeah. It is. It's a great place to have a family. There's lots of good schools and libraries.

There vs. They're vs. Their

There is / there are = be (exist)

  • Is there a mall in your town?
  • Are there any shops by your house?
  • There is a big lake.
  • There isn't much time.
  • There are many cafes.
  • There aren't any nice parks in town.

There = place

  • I like the mall. I like to go there.
  • The cafe is open. You can eat there.

They're = They are

  • Bob and Mary are coworkers. They're very nice.
  • Joe and Al left. They're not here anymore.

Their = some people's items

  • That is my house. This is their house.
  • Where are the kids? Are these their toys?
Answer these questions about the interview.

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