Beginner English #23 | Past Tense

Brothers Fight

Greg shares a childhood memory.
Todd: So, Greg you were saying you had brothers and they always picked on you like all older brothers do.

Do you have any stories about what your brothers used to do to you?

Greg: Ah, yes, you know I think back on some of the crazy fights we had and it is absolutely amazing that we are all still alive.

One time, I was closing the garage door and I didn't see my brother, my oldest brother walking behind me and I pulled the door down and it hit him in the head.

Todd: Right, ooh, ow!

Greg: A complete accident, but he just got so angry. He had a pair of shoes that he was holding in his hand, and I think he was going to polish them or something, and he just took the shoe and he smacked me as hard as he could right in the stomach.

Todd: Oh, that's gotta hurt.

Greg: Oh, it hurt so much. I bent over and I got so angry and I looked in the garage and I saw a big piece of metal pipe

Todd: Oh, no!

Greg: And I held it like a spear, and I ran after him, and he of course ran away. I was chasing him around the house and he ran into the front door, and I threw the spear, as hard as I could, and it went like a, I threw the pipe, and it went like a spear, through the air, and he closed the door right behind him, and it put a hole in the door.

Todd: Oh, man, it was gonna hit him. It would have hit him.

Greg: It would have hit him actually.

Todd: Wow. You don't even want to think what could have happened if it had hit him.

Greg: Yeah, it's amazing that we're still alive. We used to have fights with baseball bats and branches and things.

Todd: Well, it must have been good, made you tough and strong for all the other kids at school.

Greg: Yeah, they thought I was crazy.

Past Tense Regular | - ed

  • close | closed
  • look | looked
  • pick | picked
  • pull | pulled
  • smack | smacked

Past Tense Irregular | Change Form

  • bend | bent
  • get | got
  • go | went
  • have | had
  • hold | held
  • make | made
  • run | ran
  • see | saw
  • take | took
  • think | thought
  • throw | threw

Past Tense Irregular | No Change

  • hit | hit
  • put | put
  • hurt | hurt

Past Tense Negative | Did Not

  • I did not see him.
  • We didn't tell anyone.
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