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Meg: Hey, Todd. Let's talk about colors.

Todd: All right.

Meg: What is blue?

Todd: The ocean is blue. The sky is blue. During the day, the sky is blue. And my eyes are blue.

Meg: Oh, mine too. What is red?

Todd: Red. Let's see. Well, tomatoes are red. Strawberries are red, and ...

Meg: And roses are red.

Todd: Roses are red. That's right.

Meg: Yeah. What is green?

Todd: Well, lots of vegetables are green. Lettuce is green. Cabbage is green or purple. And asparagus is green.

Meg: Asparagus, right. Also, grass is green.

Todd: That's right. Grass is green.

Meg: What is yellow?

Todd: Well, lemons are yellow. The sun is yellow, sometimes, or orange.

Meg: Or red.

Todd: What else is yellow?

Meg: Sunflowers are yellow.

Todd: Sunflowers are yellow. That's nice.

Meg: What is orange?

Todd: Also, sometimes the sun is orange. Oranges are orange.

Meg: Of course.

Todd: And persimmons are orange.

Meg: Yes.

Todd: Oh, I know.

Meg: What?

Todd: Carrots.

Meg: Carrots.

Todd: Carrots are orange.

Meg: Of course. Carrots are orange. What is black?

Todd: Sometimes dirt is black. The night sky is black.

Meg: Right. And your shirt is black.

Todd: Yes. I like my black shirt.

Meg: What is white?

Todd: Vanilla Ice Cream is white. The snow is white.

Meg: Yes. And clouds are white.

Todd: Clouds are white. And sometimes clouds are black.

Meg: Yes, when it's going to rain.

Todd: Or gray.

Meg: Right. What is pink?

Todd: Some flowers are pink. Cotton candy is pink.

Meg: Yes.

Todd: And, sometimes lollipops are pink.

Meg: Yeah. A lot of candy is pink, sometimes.

Todd: Now, sometimes women's clothing is pink.

Meg: Or men's.

Todd: Or men's. Do you like pink shirts?

Meg: I don't usually wear pink shirts. What about you?

Todd: I don't like pink shirts. I don't like pink, actually.

Meg: Oh, that's too bad.

Todd: What is your favorite color?

Meg: My favorite color is orange.

Todd: Really? Orange?

Meg: Yeah, I love orange. It's so bright. What about you?

Todd: I have three. I like the same. I know I like green. I love green, I love blue, I love purple.

Meg: You like the cool colors.

Todd: Right. I don't like orange, I don't like yellow, and I don't like pink.

Meg: You don't like the warm colors.

Todd: Yes. Bright colors, not so much.

Meg: I see.

Todd: What about red? Do you like red?

Meg: I don't especially like red. I like red poppies, a type of flower.

Todd: All right, yeah.

Meg: But I don't like to wear red.

Todd: Yeah, me too. Do you dislike any colors?

Meg: Actually, I don't like brown. I think it's a boring color.

Todd: Yeah, that's true. But often dogs are brown and I love dogs.

Meg: I also like dogs, so a brown dog is okay. But a brown shirt, no, thank you.

Basic Subect - Verb Agreement with Be ( is / are )

Singular Nouns + Be - For singular nouns as the subject use the verb is.

My car is nice.
This shirt is blue.
The game is exciting.
The sky is blue.

Plural Nouns + Be - For plural nouns as the subject use the verb are.

My eyes are brown.
The apples are sweet.
The clouds are gray.
The bananas are delicious.

Non-Count Nouns+ Be - For noun you cannot count use the verb are.

The air is dirty.
The weather is bad.
The time is near.
My energy is low.

Plurals vs. Singular nouns - We usually use the plural noun when talk about things in general.

Apples are red.
I love peaches.
Cars are expensive.
I like pink flowers.

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