ESL Listening Lessons of Natural Conversations - CEFR A1

Grammar Talks - A2 - High Beginner

ESL students can learn English with lessons featuring audio or video, a script, interactive quiz and vocabulary activities.

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1504 Love it / Hate it
Sound Grammar - High Beginner (A2)
25 animated conversations for A2 grammar points.

Grammar Talks - ELLLO Style!

59 Thai Food
A2-01 Saving Money
Grammar Focus - Present Simple Tense
59 Thai Food
A2-02 Fit Girlfriend
Grammar Focus - Third Person Singular
59 Thai Food
A2-03 Where is everyone?
Grammar Focus - Present Continuous Tense
59 Thai Food
A2-04 Holiday Plans
Grammar Focus - Will - Future Tense
59 Thai Food
A2-05 Plans for the Weekend
Grammar Focus - Going to - Future Tense
59 Thai Food
A2-06 Spring Cleaning
Grammar Focus - Past Tense - ED Verbs
59 Thai Food
A2-07 Weekend Talk
Grammar Focus - Past Tense - Irregular Verbs
59 Thai Food
A2-08 Adjectives about Life
Grammar Focus - Adjectives
59 Thai Food
A2-09 City Comparisons
Grammar Focus - Comparative Adjectives
59 Thai Food
A2-10 City Superlatives
Grammar Focus - Superlative Adjectives

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